Friday, June 3, 2016

I Don't Even Know What I Don't Even Know

They travelers made it to Asheville and this is the picture I got this morning. The little man already up and exploring the new space.
A peaceful picture which brings peace to my heart.

Friday morning and the roosters are crowing and I have laundry going. Lon and Lis are coming in this afternoon to spend the weekend. They're playing tomorrow night at the land co-op and on Sunday we'll all be going to the memorial service for the musician friend who died several weeks ago. Life keeps on rolling and rolling until it doesn't and it will be mighty fine to roll with these two for a few days. It always is.

I feel old today. It was hard to get out of bed. Maurice, whom I will never figure out if we live together for forty years, had snuggled right up to me, tucking her head beneath my arm whereas the night before, she'd slashed me in her I'll eat you up, I love you so, mode. I think she was punishing me for leaving her for two whole nights last weekend.
I don't really know, though.
Seems like I don't know much at all these days.

Good thing I don't have to.

Peace, y'all.



  1. That's a beautiful photo of August. He is such a studious little one in that image. Yes, so peaceful. And that floor is immaculate!

  2. Ah me....I know that feeling, or at least mine. I swing from feeling settled and comfy to confused and blubbery. I never knew that when you become an empty nester to having all the parents off to heaven would create such emotional swings.

    Dear of your love ones to share the photo of them snug in their new home away from home. I should take notes of August...sit in quiet with a few toys and be content.

  3. Aww! Look at him there with his straight little back. What a beautiful child.

  4. The dog spent the night (and today) with my sister and Emma the cat wasted no time in taking over the spot where the dog usually lays next to me on the couch and slept with us last night. this from a cat that before the dog arrived considered being in the same room with us as affection.

  5. I'm sorry about your friend who died. And feeling old. And all the rest. But that is an adorable picture.


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