Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Things Are Rocking

Big, BIG doin's in the land of heart-blessing here today.
First off, I slept until 10:00! I mean, coma-slept. After a rocky start on getting to sleep after I heard something either hit the house, the ground, the floor, or...something...last night and had to get up and walk around with a flashlight to see what I could see (nothing but Maurice and Jack heard it too), I fell back onto the pillow and checked out of this world for a long time. When I finally woke up, I was stressed out already due to the fact that (a) it was 10:00 and people were texting me about plans for the day and evening, and (b) I'd been dreaming that I had totally not shown up for a shift to work at Publix and I felt terrible but dammit! I had to take care of the baby and I could not find my uniform!
Am I channeling Lily in my dreams?

So. Okay. We have two blueberry bushes which have survived for at least eight years and finally, after all this time, I have a crop!

Two ripe blueberries! I sent the picture to Mr. Moon who advised me not to get too full. 
I'm so proud.

Then, after much deliberation, I decided to open the coop for the young chicks to come out and explore the world. And so I did. 
They are being very cautious.

They come out, they go back in. They have to contemplate such freedom. 
So exciting! I hope with all of my heart that they stay safe because if one of those local feral cats or a hawk gets them, it will all be my fault and there you go. 

On top of all of this, tonight we are gathering at a restaurant where Hank runs trivia to eat pizza and perhaps stay for the trivia portion of the evening. To make things even more exciting, I believe I may wear my new T-shirt which I started to write about in a post on Friday. 
Here's what I wrote in the draft I still have:

"So. Not to change the subject, but do you remember when Steve Reed wrote this post?
He only went because I wouldn't quit badgering him about it and it seems like he had a good time and he's such a good sport that he sent me a package with T-shirts he bought there and buttons for the boys and after a month and a half, they finally arrived! 
I ran by the post office today after I took the trash and there was my package. I was so thrilled I sat in the parking lot and ripped it open. 
Here's one of the shirts he sent me.

It's the twin to the one I bought Owen years ago and which he still wears. 

That made my day."

So. Owen and I could wear our matching Rolling Stones T-shirts in fine Grandmother/Grandson matching outfit tradition and wouldn't that be swell?

And to top everything off, I just got a picture from Lily who is at the river with the kids and her friend Kelly and her son.

Can you see it? 
So they aren't swimming as of yet. 

Oh, Florida. What a great state to live in! 

Holy fuck! I just saw Lisa Marie jump up and snatch one of my blueberries! That bitch! 

I better go eat the other one.

And oh- the tropical storm has passed. We got a lot of rain and that was nice and no wind and that is better. 

All right. That's it for now. 

May all be well with you and yours and I hereby officially bless everyone's heart, including my own.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Bless your heart :) I'm smiling thinking of you and Owen in matching Rolling Stone shirts. I'm also smiling at your 2 blueberries. I have proudly picked 8 strawberries this year, almost half my crop. Chipmunks and slugs are eating more than their share though. This is the slugs' year, ugh.

    Glad the storm was a mild one. Hope your new chicks stay safe. They make me smile too. Wishing you some sweet dreams.


  2. my sister got me two blueberry bushes for my birthday 3 years ago. I planted them and they did nothing so I dug them up early early spring and relocated them where I thought they might like it better and discovered that the roots were still in the shape of the pot in which they came to me so root bound nothing could escape. so I loosened the shit out of the roots, put them back in the ground where they both promptly died. so next time I get some blueberry bushes I won't be getting them at Walmart (where I don't shop at all anyway but my sister does).

    I was still in bed at 9 yesterday when my husband came in and asked me if I planned to sleep all day. maybe, I told him, but I did get up because I wasn't really sleeping, just sort of dozing.

  3. You made me laugh about your two blueberries and Lisa Marie. I guess she will pay you back but that was just rude! ;-)

    Oh! And this. The other day I was reading your blog from a wi-fi hotspot when I was at work so I typed Bless Our Hearts and in the description it said "Bless Our Hearts. We need heartworm treatment"! I was like, holy fuck! I got all worried about your cats. But then I noticed it was not even your blog but some other blog.

  4. I cannot stop laughing to your reaction to Lisa Marie. Was this her first one, I wonder.

  5. I had the same thing with my first line fig. I watched it ripen and was ready to pick it only to find a possum had beaten me to it !

  6. I have been getting up at 6 am. This is in no way natural to me. I don't know why the world thinks everything needs to start so early in the morning. I hope you enjoy your blueberry. Gail

  7. LOL at Lisa Marie! Maybe your blueberry bush has been churning out blueberries for ages and they disappear before you see them!

    I'm just glad those damn shirts finally made it. As we have discussed. :)

  8. Lisa Marie snatching one of the blueberries and you calling her a bitch just made me happy to be alive.

  9. Mel- It's a damn good thing you and I don't depend on our fruit crop for survival!

    Jo- Right?

    Ellen Abbott- I just do not get enough sun for blueberries. If my husband came and woke me up he would suffer for days. Just saying...

    Birdie- There's another Bless our hearts blog? Whoa! Nah. We don't need heartworm treatment. Not that I know of, anyway.

    Anonymous- I swear. I do believe these were the very first ripe blueberries I've gotten. She sure looked like she knew what she was doing, though.

    Leisha- Damn critters! I think I have enough figs this year for all of us!

    Gail- Oh, girl. I am thinking of you so much! I hope it's going well.

    Angella- Me too!

    Steve Reed- Well, the post lady was probably right- they were caught up in Customs somewhere. You know how bad those Rolling Stones are and how only criminals such as us would ship their merchandise.
    Harummph! I sure love my shirts.

    Jill- I am so glad!!!!!

  10. Wait.. they go into the water *after* the alligator goes into the water??

  11. Jo- Yes. We always know they're out there. The little kids don't go in the water except right near the bank where it's clear and we all cluster up. It's okay.


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