Tuesday, June 28, 2016

I'm Home

I am home. I am in Lloyd. I have had three martinis, I ain't gonna lie to you.
I am exhausted beyond belief. My darling dear husband has let me start to tell my story. I have greeted my chickens and Jack. Maurice has yet to be seen. She is probably so pissed at me.
I feel as if I have been on another planet. My head truly is exploding.
I went to Cuba with very few conceived ideas about what it would be like. Hell. You know- I had one week to get ready.
And now I have one billion questions about what is going on in that place where I spent four nights, five days. I have seen so much. I have heard so much. I have observed so much. I have met some of the most beautiful people I have ever met in my life.

I have seen Communism, I have seen with my own eyes what the American embargo has done to an entire nation.
Like this:
Say you want a light bulb. Okay. So it can't have been made in the USA and if one tiny part of it was made in a country who does business with the USA, you can't export it to Cuba.
Like that.

If you ever go to Cuba, take toilet paper.

That's all I have to say tonight. There will be so much more.

And I will say this- I am changed.
I am a 61 year old woman who has been to Cuba.

I'm  a fucking Bad Ass.

So to speak.

Can you believe that?

I would normally say, "Yeah, me either." But in this case I say:

I'm a fucking Bad Ass.

So is Lis. Who may have been the first person ever to play banjo in Cuba.
No fucking shit.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I am happy you are home safe. I can't wait to hear and see the pictures of your adventure. Gail

  2. I told you that you were badass, and Lis too. You amaze the fuck outta me.

  3. Welcome home, precious badass...tell us more, please!

  4. Welcome to your home sweet home, have missed you terribly. Can't wait to hear of your adventure.........once you settle back in to Mr Moon, the cats, chickens, the earth and the grands. You and Lis are bad asses for sure!
    susan M

  5. Welcome home, Mary. Looking forward to hearing about your adventure!

  6. I can't wait to hear all about this trip and hope that you can give us bits and pieces over the next few weeks. And I love, love, love the new header photo.

  7. Yes, we are all waiting with bated breath to hear all about your trip. So glad you and Lis went. And so glad you are back safe and sound at home. x0x0 N2

  8. Of course we can believe it, you silly woman. It's evident to all of us :)

  9. You ARE a badass, but I would have said that before your Cuba trip, too. I bet it was completely mind-blowing. I can't wait for more details. Glad you're home safely and enjoying decadent capitalist luxuries like martinis. :)

  10. Glad you are home and lived to tell the tale. I am curious to find out what you thought of Havana. We have only had the resort experience and the drive from the airport to the resort (3 hours). -Jenn

  11. Highly recommend to you and Lis the book "Cuba and Its Music" by Ned Sublette.

  12. You so are. Biggest bestest bad ass ever! Welcome home you beautiful brave soul.

  13. Welcome home dear Mary! I missed you! But yes, you are for sure a fucking bad ass. I can't wait to hear more.

  14. You are my kind of bad ass. I want to go badly. Hopefully, soon.


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