Sunday, June 5, 2016


I've been a terrible correspondent but life, she is busy right now.
I have no pictures from last night. No pictures of me and Lis. No pictures of grandchildren.
But. Take my word for it. Last night was lovely and as always, I came away with Lis's songs in my head. They are still there. She wrote one about knowing Lon since the days of the pyramid building, of how they have re-met and lived together and loved throughout the centuries. It's a gypsy tune, haunting and poetic with vastly rich imagery. It leaves the audience stunned.
It lingers in the mind for days.
Meanwhile, the song-writer, angel-singer is in my kitchen making an egg pie and I'm about to make pancakes and bacon for our fellas. Thunder is rolling off to the south and we are promised rain.
The memorial service which, for some reason, we all thought was set for two this afternoon is actually at six and plans are being remade.
"Re-evaluate the situation" as Lis says.
I was so loathe to mingle and socialize last night and have, in fact, felt so shy and withdrawn I am not sure I could handle the event.
We shall see.

Hurricane season has begun and we're in line to get a tropical storm here in the next few days.
Here's what the ensemble models are saying.

We've been too lucky by far the last few years and have grown complacent. We talked about what we'd do concerning the chickens if we had to evacuate. The consensus was that they'd probably have to root hog or die, or, to be more specific, roost chicken or die. We also discussed generators and so forth.
Oh Lord.

And that's the news from Lloyd, Florida this Sunday morning. We are still re-evaluating the situation and have just had our huge breakfast and the cards may come out. It is beginning to rain.

I wish all of us luck, peace, no reason to evacuate and a haunting melody to linger in your mind.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I've never been in a hurricane, but couldn't the chickens be put in the bathroom for awhile...chicks in tub.
    I know a ridiculous mess - but live chickens.. :)?

    You can do the funeral...just breath, breath, breath. And hold Glen's hand.

  2. Spring into Summer....first tornados for many and then hurricane season. I'm not sure how I would handle the potential of both. I suppose it helps if you have been born and raised there.

    I like what Liv wrote about what you can do for the funeral....hold Glen's hand....yes.

  3. I'm from the island yet I've never been in a hurricane. Meanwhile my kids who were born in New York City went through a hurricane with their grandmother in St Lucia. There've been a couple of superstorms that hit New York, but never a bona dude hurricane. My brother says I should count myself lucky. I hope you will remain so too.

  4. Bona dude! Thank you autocorrect. That was supposed to say "bona fide". Sigh.

  5. I thought that said "roast chicken".

    And then I thought, would you have time to roast all those chickens before you had to leave?

    And then I read it again three times before it made sense.


    I hope you don't have to evacuate, Moon family. We have had a few hurricanes up our way. One was a humdinger. That was a few years ago. We are supposed to get quite a few this season also, but nothing like what you will get there. Be safe.

  6. I have been through several, Frederick and Charlie were the scariest. I hope this one won't get too strong, since it is so early in the season. May all of you stay safe chickens included. Gail

  7. Oh dear. I am so cut off from news -- even the weather. I hope ya'll are weathering it. Be safe.

  8. Oh, Lord. That season again. Would you have to evacuate so far inland? I've never had to evacuate, though I did have to hunker down once or twice.

  9. the last direct hit we got was in 2008 so, yah, we are way overdue as well. hope this one misses you. the last thing we need here is more rain. I hesitate to say that out loud because judging by the last five years or so, when it does stop, it won't rain again til fall.


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