Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Thank You, Anne Weatherford, For All You Did And Were

Last night when we were all tomfoolery at Trivia, laughing and having silly fun, I got a text from Jessie that Vergil's grandmother Anne had died.

Jessie had sent me that picture a few days ago. They got to see her before she passed and knew her time was close. They loved on her a lot and Vergil rubbed her feet for her and here's what Jessie wrote on Facebook this morning which I think is perfect.

A couple of days ago, Vergil and I got to have a visit with Grandma before she passed. Even though she was pretty weak at that point, she grabbed up August with such strong love and didn't want to let go. This photo shows her beautiful hand wrapped around his little foot.
I was one of the lucky ones to get to know Anne Weatherford. She had one of the most generous, accepting, kind, and loving souls.
I'm thinking about the whole Weatherford clan today- Anne sure did love you all. She lives on in her children (5), grand children (17), and great-grands (13+).
May she rest in peace.

I got to know her a little bit, heard the story of how she witnessed the meeting of Jessie and Vergil. It was at a dance and there were lots of girls who had their eye on Vergil but once he danced with Jessie, all the other girls disappeared. She laughed when she told me this story. She approved, I do believe.

Vergil loved his grandma. She was a huge and important part of his life and for that alone, I love her because she is part of why he is the good man, sweet husband, and loving father that he is.
And also, when you think about it- her genes and mine are combined now in August and thus, we too are bound.
It is miracles like this which astound me and I note her passing with respect and with love and wish peace for her children, her grandchildren, her great-grandchildren whom, even in her last days, she held on to so tightly.


  1. What a beautiful eulogy to honor a beautiful life.

  2. Ah. Love to Vergil and his family, and Jessie. I'm gald they were there.

  3. Elizabeth- I feel so lucky that Jessie has a husband who comes from the people he comes from.

    Jo- Me too! It's like she was waiting to see her Vergil's boy one more time.

  4. I think it wonderful that she got to meet August. I do believe in our very last days we have some choice about when we leave.

  5. May this lovely soul rest in peace. How special that she witnessed Jessie and Virgil's meeting.

    I'm realizing that I missed a lot of posts. I think I'm all caught up now.



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