Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Take A Breath. Think.

Someone wrote a comment on a FB post of mine last night that made me grind my teeth all night long and I really wanted to reply back but knew it best to wait until the rationality of the light of day took over. 
I watched a little video of Jimmy Fallon's this morning where he talked about how we should all have the right to our own opinion without fear of being shot or even humiliated on social media and I thought that was wise and to me the bottom line to all of this mess is that whether a massacre occurs because  a guy went crazy due to Christian teachings or Muslim teachings or terrorist groups easily accessed by the Internet or self-hatred or something wrong in their genetics or WHATEVER, it is the easy accessibility of assault weapons which allows their insanity to find fruition in the blood and deaths of the innocent whether in a school, a movie theater, a church, a government building, a McDonald's, a nightclub.
No one in their right mind decides to kill innocent others. 
You cannot convince me otherwise. 
And there will always be murders. There always have been. Humans are and forever will be fucked up. But to give them the ability to act in their insanity in such a horrendous way is to display a sort of cultural insanity which goes beyond belief. 

Ban assault rifles. No. It won't prevent all future massacres from occurring but it's a completely reasonable and sane place to start. The evidence is so clear that the mere fact we are disagreeing about this shows a level of national insanity which is sickening. And horrifying. There is no power on this earth which can prevent insane murderous raging but we can and MUST legislate a way to deny the means by which this insanity so easily delivers death to the innocent. 

I've had my clumsy say. That is my opinion. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I'm not commenting much these days, but I need to say that your words are not clumsy at all. Excellently stated. Your place is one of family, beauty, and depth of emotions. Thank you.

  2. You're opinion is clear and correct. What more is there to say about it than this? I got angry about that stupid meme I saw come up on your feed. Conscientious gun owners who fight for lax gun regulation put assault weapons in the hands of the unhinged and hate-filled, no matter how well they're capable of locking up their own weapon. End of story.

    That meme made me boil with rage and frustration, and I let it out for a minute, only for a fb friend of mine to subtween a rant in retort about why fill up your own and others' timelines with miserable negativity?

    To which I wanted to reply, well here's a fucking fluffy kitten, now everything in the world is peachy.

    Instead I waited and suggested an unfollow would be appropriate, and deleted the bitchy things I wanted to say. More than once.

    I do not see how sharing positive things about the lives of those who died tragically (because of ingrained homophobia and mental illness and lack of gun laws) will stop the problem (ingrained homophobia, improper provision for mental health issues and fucking gun laws). I'd rather focus on the problem then just zero in on the people who were needlessly sacrificed, because it's all going to happen again, sooner rather than later, most like.

    The politicians are in the pockets of the NRA. Or they *are* the NRA. How does this get changed? I have no idea. Sometimes I feel like I can see for miles and miles and miles, but I'm standing in front of a black wall that's in the way.

  3. Not at all clumsy. Perfect, succinct and true.

  4. yes, bottom line- we are insane. Why limit the ban to assault weaponry? Please do not say that hunting is valid, it is not, unless you live in Wyoming or Alaska, then you can use a bow and arrow and make it fair...ish.
    That this government is owned is a given. That we are complacent is a given, This country is imploding - save the babies!

  5. Mary l agree with every word you say. I also agree with all that folks have said in comments. I too have deleted friends of late due to nastyness about EU and Soccer Hot topics before this outrage Sadly had to delete friends who turned out to have unacceptable hurtful opinions about the Orlando tragedy.

  6. Mary l agree with every word you say. I also agree with all that folks have said in comments. I too have deleted friends of late due to nastyness about EU and Soccer Hot topics over here before this outrage Sadly had to delete a friend who turned out to have unacceptable hurtful opinions about the Orlando tragedy.

  7. After Australia suffered the horrific massacre at Port Arthur strict gun laws were established. I agree Mary I think gun laws need to be revised . No one needs assault weapons .

  8. Nobody needs an assault weapon, the only use they have is killing people. This country is crazy. Gail

  9. Oh, Ms. Moon I agree with every eloquent word in your opinion. I am trying so hard to breathe and not to be hopeless. Twenty 6-year-olds didn't move our congress, I have almost no hope that 50 of my brothers and sisters will.

  10. My thinking as well. There are lots of us thank God.

  11. it is an abomination that our politicians are so bought by the gun industry that they think banning assault rifles is more heinous than the deaths caused by them. who needs a fucking assault rifle? no on. the only thing they are good for is killing and our politicians seem to think that those innocent deaths are an acceptable price to pay so Joe Blow can have one to shoot up...where, where the hell do people even shoot these things safely?...for fun.

  12. I agree with your opinion. It is a place to start.


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