Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Culture Shock And More Travel

We are still in Boca Raton where we spent the night in a fabulous hotel that we got for cheap on Th e Priceline. We are going to skip the yoga class and the fancy breakfast and head out. I probably have at least eight more hours of travel today and I don't feel well. Believe it or not I may have gotten sick from the damn hamburger we ate at ten o'clock last night. Or- who knows? I may have picked up a bug in Old Havana or I may just be exhausted. 
I want to get home to Lloyd and stay there for a week. I'm definitely going through culture shock. Trust me on that. 
I've been trying like hell to figure out how I'm going to write about everything and feel a desperate need to do so. 
I've missed everyone so. Trust me on that too. 
Off to find a yogurt. 
All love...Ms. Moon

P.S. Here's the place we stayed in Boca. Our room is as big as the entire apartment where Lis and I had a room in Havana. 
Not kidding. 


  1. I can hardly wait to read about your trip and your impressions of life there. (I've missed reading your blog...I check in every morning before I start work.)


  2. I've missed you and can't wait to hear about Cuba. Feel better (btw, anti-nausea drugs are WORTH IT if you're feeling pukey.)

  3. Safe travels, you two, and I hope you feel better!

  4. I have been thinking about you and hoping you are dealing with anxiety. I have a post-it in my car that reminds me to be where my feet are. Sometimes it doesn't help, sometimes it does.

  5. Yay, so happy you and Lis are back ~ I've missed you both!
    Safe travels home to Lloyd and Mr. Moon and the kids and grandkids and animals...
    Can't wait to hear all about your journey!!!

  6. Yay - I've missed you! Look forward to your posts.

  7. Tell us, tell us!!! And photos!

    I wanna go to Cuba!!!

    XXX Beth

  8. I have missed my daily dose of Mary Moon, happy you are home and can't wait to hear about the trip. X

  9. Hope you feel better. No Castro Revenge I hope.


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