Sunday, June 12, 2016


There's a lot of stuff I can do in this world but I cannot begin to find words that would have any semblance of meaning about what happened in Orlando this morning. 

All the fucking talk and all the fucking prayers and all the "Our thoughts today are with the victims and their families," don't mean shit. 

All the conjecturing and all the theories and all the blaming and all the rhetoric and all the claiming and naming and shaming and flaming do not mean shit because those people are dead and nothing is going to bring them back and nothing is going to allow us to go back in time to unravel whatever happened in that shooter's mind and allowed him the ability to buy an assault rifle to do what he did. 

And at this point in the history of this country, I have no hope that anything is going to change to prevent such a thing to happen again and again and again and that's what I'm feeling tonight and I have nothing more to say. 


  1. This morning at work a stated in a most powerful way that this wouldn't happen if owning a gun was legal. I just sighed and didn't bother to point out that the guns used to murder this crowd of innocent people were "legal". Because you are right. Nothing is ever going to change. Not fucking ever. There is no point in wasting one more second of my time to talk to dim people that think owning guns stop violence. I give up. They win. I am too tired to fight ignorance.

  2. Powerful words, Mary. I feel the same way.

  3. Amen, Mary. I am heartsick today and trying not to go over the edge into despair. You said it well.
    Susan M

  4. The killer was under investigation by the FBI on 2 previous occasions. Sad they did not arrest him earlier.

  5. to Terra, they did not arrest him because he had not done anything that he could be arrested for. they were watching him but powerless to prevent him from buying whatever weapons he wanted.

    We are a violent nation full of violent people and the NRA is a terrorist organization as far as I'm concerned. listening to part of Obama's comments to that man who was asking about how is it that Chicago has the highest murder rate and the toughest gun laws, the NRA has so many politicians in their pocket that it is illegal to even study gun violence in this country. Nothing will change I guess until congress itself is shot up and many politicians die.

  6. I am sick at heart. Truly.


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