Friday, June 10, 2016

Today So Far

Maggie gave Hank a dental exam while we waited for our delicious food at El Patron. She is already going through the you-are-not-my-mommy-or-my-daddy! thing and Hank and I could only hold her for short periods of time before she started making faces like this

although honestly, Owen is one of her favorite people on earth. She adores him. Today she started, for the very first time, making raspberry noises and he encouraged her, demonstrating proper tongue placement and so forth. 
Oh! To have a big brother!

So it was a fairly merry lunch and then Lily and the boys and Magnolia and I went to Publix and and then back to Lily's house where we loaded up pillows and toys and clothes into my car and the overnight guests and I came on home to Lloyd. On the drive, we had a little discussion about "cross-talking" which I explained was something that was not only rude but which made it very difficult to pay attention to what anyone was saying and not fair to either the person who was talking first or the person interrupting them because you can't listen and talk at the same time. We agreed to try and not do that, me included. We also agreed that if a bear was about to attack someone from behind, it was acceptable to interrupt and warn the person about to be attacked. 
It's important to allow room for life-saving variations and breaking of rules. Don't you agree?

And here's why it is good to have grandparent houses to go to:

1. Grandparents have fun things like tea sets to have tea parties with. Owen was the butler and prepared our tea for us, as well as a plate of apple slices. Gibson stirred his tea and said, "This looks DELICIOUS!" and I agreed and we sipped our tea and munched our apples. 

(Side note- Grandmothers do not get very upset about spilled "tea.") 

2. Grandparents often have cool things they give to you. For example- a bag to put your marbles in.

My own personal grandmother MADE drawstring bags for me and my brother to put our marbles in but Owen and Gibson's grandmother just happened to have this handy bag already made and given to her with a bottle of vodka in it by Tearful Dishwasher and Yolie. The vodka is long gone but the bag is in perfect condition for marble-holding. 

3. Grandmothers sometimes have blog friends who send them toys which are excellent and fun to play with.

(Thank you, Joanne!)

4. Grandparents get worn out easily which makes them easy marks when it comes to you and your brother borrowing their handheld screen devices to watch videos on and play games with on in their cozy bed (grandparents have the coziest beds, by the way) while the grandparents drink a beer in the kitchen and look at each other with eyes that may or may not be rolling. 

5. Grandfathers are the best at making fires and you get to help and eat chips and feed chickens, all at the same time. 

In short, life is good at Mer and Bop's. There is a lot of discussion about sleeping or not sleeping in the van. Needless to say, Mr. Moon and I are subtly trying to convince them that it's kinda sorta really, really hot and that it might be more fun to sleep in the house. 
We shall see how that ends up. 

Good Lord. All those years ago when I had given birth to Hank and defied the powers that be and brought him home from the hospital way too early in their learned opinion and was in my bed with him, introducing him to the people in our tight-knit little community, literally over the moon in love and in ecstasy, I never imagined that in forty years (FORTY YEARS!) I would be where I am right now and if you had told me I would have thought- WHAT? I'LL BE ALIVE IN FORTY YEARS?

Yep. Pretty much. 

So this is all gravy. Pretty darn rich and delicious gravy. 

I'll report in tomorrow.

Love...Ms. Moon, The Old Mer Who Is Still Alive


  1. My son turns 40 on Friday. How do these things happen?

  2. I love where you are now. I am taking notes.

  3. Oh what a wonderful time with the grandparents. The exemption to allow for interrupting in the event of a bear attack is classic!

  4. I can remember thinking with amazement that I would probably, at 50 years old, still be alive to see the turn of the millennium. I could never have predicted being where I am. It's just been a day to day continuation until one day you look up and sort of marvel at it all.

  5. Not Blank- One day at a time, I suppose. Still...bizarre.

    Angella- One day you'll be here!

    Jill- It is important to define exceptions. Bears are generally one of those.

    Ellen Abbott- It is so comforting to know people who understand exactly what I'm talking about.

  6. I love Maggie and all her different looks and I'm glad I can still be of help!!!

  7. How do these things happen? Wonderful words.

  8. Looking ahead at 40 years, it seems like an eternity. Looking behind, it seems like the blink of an eye. I'm glad life is good at Mer and Bop's!


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