Saturday, June 4, 2016

Little Things

I started a post last night and then Lon and Lis got here and so there you go.
We are all fine and I dreamed that I was living in Chicago and my friend Anna was living downstairs and somehow, it was all quite pleasant.
I had a tiny little bed with a red cover and a tiny little chicken who lived with me and I walked a little boy to school every day.


Why would I dream of a little life in a big, giant city?

Meanwhile, here in my little life in my little village, all seems well and Mr. Moon is already in town to show a car and I think that Lon and Lis are just getting up. I believe we were all exhausted to begin with and then we had martinis and well...
Sleep was good.
As was supper. We had the best grilled chicken and potatoes from my garden and pole beans from Lon's garden and a loaf of bread from my oven.
A small and delicious supper.

And today is going to be dedicated to rest and lounging about I think. Playing cards was mentioned last night. We shall see.

Party like rock stars, rest like geriatrics. And then tonight there is a concert and the rock stars will emerge again.

I hope it's a restful little day for you, too.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. No rest for me today. Costco for a tire patch and samples, then clothes shopping. I would rather lounge around naked in the pool. Gail

  2. Put putting around getting ready for a garden party this evening...Finding little toys for the youngest set to discover and stocking the mini cupboard with sparklers and bubbles. The beer is in the brook and whatever happened to the watermelon?!? I'm thinking it's been in the trunk since we got it yesterday afternoon....

  3. This sounds like a perfect day. All if it.

  4. I think a restful, love-filled day is just what your little tribe needs and deserves.
    And a sparkly magical musical evening ~ sure wish I could join you!
    Love to all!!!

  5. Check out the picture of the missing grannies on my facebook page :)

  6. Well, I did go to work today so it wasn't exactly restful but it was still a good one. No Black Dog. No anxiety. I can't complain about that. Not at all.

  7. The dreams we have! Last night I dreamed that a parade of men in my life (dad, brother, son in law, two grandsons, and my son), as well as three men I didn't recognize paraded past my bedroom door in their skivvies. In the dream hubby and I were watching like it was a fashion show, commenting as each guy walked by. I'm sure it's because earlier in the day we discussed the hubby's immediate need for new underwear, but it was odd nonetheless.

  8. Sounds like a wonderful day. Wasn't there a book in the '70s called "Small is Beautiful"? I think it was about Volkswagens. Or maybe that was just the cover. Anyway, love the idea of you keeping a tiny chicken in Chicago. ")


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