Saturday, June 11, 2016

Running In Jeans, Dreaming In Love

It has been a day as sweet as a praline. Did you ever have a praline? Probably my favorite candy of all times. Creamy, melty, and with that pecan on top to give you something to chew over when the candy itself is gone, extending the pleasure, giving you a chance to contemplate the experience which is celestial.
Oh my.
Anyway, so this morning Gibson came in at 7:30 and said it was time to get up and so his Boppy did get up and I said, "Come snuggle me," and he did, that little boy. We wrapped our arms around each other and I kissed his buzzy head and after a little while he said, "I'm getting up with Boppy now. You sleep for two more hours."
And by god, that's exactly what I did, dreaming dreams that made me wonder and smile when I woke up. I dreamed I was running in bare feet wearing old, old soft jeans on and a t-shirt and I didn't run very far or fast but I loved the way I felt and then I met up with my husband and I was so glad to see him. We had been separated by some turn of events lately in my dream and instead of the way I usually dream of him in different versions of this story, he was so glad to see me and he loved me and was patient with me and whenever I had to go off and explore a building or do whatever it was I was doing in that strange place, he waited for me and I knew he was waiting for me and I felt no anxiety whatsoever and when we would find each other again, it was romantic and wonderful and my bare feet stayed bare and I thought that I would probably get kicked out of places for not wearing shoes but I didn't care. Not one bit. I was just so happy with every living thing and I did not want to wear shoes at all and I did not.
When I got up, I laughed to find that it had indeed been two hours since Gibson bade me sleep again and I made those boys pancakes and bacon like I said and for the first time ever in my life, every pancake got eaten, and then fed them constantly until their parents got here with sweet Magnolia whom I held and kissed and made smile and her Boppy did too. She is the softest baby with cheeks that simply beg to be smooched and a neck that's hard to find but it too, begs to be kissed and finding it and kissing it is like discovering a treasure in the soft velvet of a jewelry box.
I wonder why lips are so drawn to babies' flesh? I do not know but it is one of the joys of this life.
And Owen and Gibson reluctantly took their leave with their parents who looked rested and it's been a restful day here and I've been mostly barefoot all day and have found my husband and it has been sweet and romantic, just like in my dreams.
I took a nap this afternoon and if I dreamed, I don't remember it and when I woke up I knew for certain that what I had been suspecting- that there had to be something dead in that room- was true.
Our bedroom is very dark, which I love. It is a cave-room and I sleep in it so well but the darkness hides my sin of omission of house-cleaning and so when I got out the flashlight to find the dead thing, it struck me with great force that I am five days away from being Miss Havisham. I know, I know, I invoke her name frequently and I'm sorry and it's really not fair. I mean- the woman suffered a great loss and shock and she lived in a huge house and it's not easy to keep a big house, especially when one is wearing a wedding dress at all times but I don't have the excuses, do I?
And so I found the thing which was possibly causing the dead smell and no, I have no idea what it was in its living incarnation and I did the merest modicum of sweeping and dusting and tomorrow, AS GOD IS MY WITNESS! I am going to clean that room even and unto the dark corners. I am going to sweep and dust and get a big bucket of Fabuloso water with vinegar and wash the mantle piece where cobwebs are keeping everything firmly attached and I am going to mop, too. I am going to scrub and I am going to polish.
So thank you, dead thing, and thank you, whichever cat brought it in to leave for me, right beside my bed in the darkest corner of all.

But here- here is sweetness and here is light.

August in Colorado, celebrating at a wedding with his mother and father.

I don't even need to say anything about this except that I hope August's mama got to pick a little too.
Oh my.

And so that's been my day and aside from the dead thing which turned out to be a good thing and also the fact that it's becoming apparent that I am going to have to take this Mac in for some diagnostics and repair, it's been almost, practically, amazingly perfect.

Rain has cooled things off. We are going to have delicious leftover spaghetti for our supper. I learned last night that the Mr. Peep story still has the magic to put children to sleep and Rebecca is posting again.

And oh, Lord. If I had enough brown sugar I would make pralines and it's probably a blessing that I don't and life is sweet enough as it is and that's enough for me.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I love that you followed gibson's instructions!

  2. I love that you credit the spirit of the dead thing with prompting you to clean. :)

    And your Miss Havisham references make me laugh every time. I don't think Miss Havisham would mind. I know I've brought this up before, but did you ever see the Florida version of "Great Expectations" in which Anne Bancroft plays Miss Havisham and sings "Besame Mucho"??

  3. Aw, you are not Miss Havisham. Miss Havisham was not motivated by laziness, no ma'am. Something else entirely. And while you may be raising some heartbreakers, it's only cos there aren't enough of them to go round, not because you're wishing for revenge against humanity.

  4. Pralines are my favorite, I am going to try not to think about making any. I woke to the horrible tragedy downtown last night. Gail

  5. I've just been noticing how very dusty the bedroom is here. I only ever go in there to sleep and it's dark when I do that. And yes pralines are the best confection ever. Back when I was growing up and my parents had friends who lived in New Orleans and we or they went there often we would always get Green Orchard pralines. Or maybe it was Green Orchid. Been a long time. My dreamtime has been active lately but I don't remember them as they are gone with the first conscious thought.


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