Monday, June 13, 2016


I still can't talk about it. 

My soul feels sick and it is tired. 

I'm watching my chickens run across the yard in this beautiful day and listening to the crickets whose symphony seems especially tuneful and sure this morning. 

I am going to go spend time with Lily and my grandchildren. 

A hen is singing her egg song. Mick is there to protect her. 

I'm trying to concentrate on all of that and light. 

We try. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. It is dark. My yoga teacher said this today: "I am not a hater and kindness is my Queen and I will continue to serve her." YES. Every little candle we light is particularly important in this time of darkness, dear Mary. Keep lighting candles. Love you.

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  3. I'm with you. Nothing I can say feels adequate. I can't even figure out how to respond to Hank's wonderful piece. I am literally kind of paralyzed.

    I hope that people keep in mind that this is the action of a single, violent individual, not a religion or culture. (Well, beyond fringe extremism, which is dangerous in ANY religion or culture.) And that OUR political culture helped allow it to happen.

  4. I'm just heartbroken! I can't read about it or hear about it without sobbing. My cousin's best friend lost his life there. RIP Eddie!

  5. I have not felt sadder in a long time. Struggling here with the deed and the aftermath and with all the hate talk that has come out since this tragedy unfolded. I cannot comprehend it all.

  6. I cannot believe that things in the usa can get any worse ,and then i remember trump,and despair that things can get much worse.I thought the country stood for freedom ,there is no freedom to live and let live ,only follow the bigots and haters .I have never felt such sadness.

  7. I have to stay off social media. the haters and gun nuts and the homophobes and the religious crazies are out in force. it makes me sick to my stomach what has happened to this country. I read something earlier that there is no battle anymore about any kind of decent restrictions on gun ownership. once America decided it was OK for children to be gunned down instead of outlawing assault weapons, the battle was over. they won. if congress didn't act after Sandy Hook, no way they will care because a bunch of 'queers' got what was coming to them. who needs terrorists to bring down the great satan. we are doing it ourselves.


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