Thursday, June 23, 2016

In Three Hours

We should be arriving in Havana. The flight only takes an hour but we have the two hour wait before the flight. 
I don't even know what to say. Am I excited, nervous, disassociating, happy, wishing with all my heart I'd never agreed to this?
Yes, yes, yes, and so forth. 

All the feelings. 

But it's like that time I climbed to the top of the tallest pyramid in the Yucatan and that wasn't so bad but when I looked down from the top I thought I'd die and there was no way I was going to be able to make my way down those thousands of tiny steep steps but there was no alternative but to do it and I did and it'll be all right and probably amazing. 

Also? I found out that where we'll be staying has air conditioning. 
So. You know. 

This seems like a great group of people I'm with and I'm just overall grateful. 

Shit. I'm gonna miss y'all. 

I'll be in touch when I can. 

All love...Ms. Moon


  1. So exciting -- I can't wait to hear all about it!

  2. Are you there yet? Are you there yet?

  3. On my bucket list. What group did you go with? Looking forward to your reports from there.

  4. I can hardly wait to hear your words and see your pics!!

  5. Great to hear from you. So excited! Enjoy!

  6. Hey there Mrs Moon! Have a blast in Cuba....can't wait to hear about it all. You deserve this vacation!

  7. Will miss you but happy that you are having the best time xxx

  8. Not so far from here there's a very lively atmosphere,
    everybody's goin' there this year
    and there's a reason the season never closes there
    love and pureness you'll find everywhere
    people always having fun down there, so come along
    I'm on my way to Cuba, that's where I'm goin',
    Cuba, that's where I'll stay
    Cuba where wine is flowin'
    and the dark eyed fellows, like the fellas wanna tell us
    Cuba where it's all happy,
    Cuba where all is gay
    Why don't you plan a wonderful trip down to Havana, hop on a ship,
    and I'll see you in C-U-B-A
    why don't you plan a wonderful trip down to Havana, hop on a ship,
    and I'll see you in C-U-B-A

    That is according to Ricky Ricardo. :-)

  9. Brave brave! Thinking of you so much!

  10. wait, i didn't realize you'd posted! my feed didnt update! ok catching up now!


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