Sunday, April 17, 2016

Thank You, Hank!

It could not possibly have been a better day. We gathered by the river, as all good people do, and it was cool and yet warm enough for the brave to get into the water and we ate sandwiches and chips and I am so grateful that Hank pulled us all out of our little Sunday lives to go and do that.

The water was beautiful and the boys had no problem getting in and swimming about. That's our friend Conner on the left. He's the son of a good friend of Hank's. 

Cousins! Oh, them babies! Before we got there, Jessie and Vergil and August had already taken a kayak paddle down the river and seen mullet and gators. 

So Lily and her babies and Jessie and Vergil and August and Hank and good friend Taylor and her Connor and Juancho and Melissa and Billy and Shayla and Waylon and I were all there. A lovely mix of friends on a perfectly lovely day. At one point, we were sitting around talking about blogging and you know that Hank was the one who forced me to start a blog and he had met Juancho through his blog and then I met Juancho and now we're good friends and his wife Melissa is one of my favorite people in the entire world and Taylor got her job through Juancho via Hank and they work together sometimes and there you go- it's all connected. Sometimes I think that blogging is just a magical way to discover the parts of your family you didn't know you had. 

When Lily and Gibson and Owen and Magnolia and I drove back here, Juancho and Melissa stopped by because I had invited them and Owen and Gibson gave Melissa the entire tour of the house and Owen helped me pick vegetables to send home with them and even washed off the carrots in the spigot out by the garden. 
"You sure look like you know what you're doing there, Owen," Melissa said.
"First time I ever did this in my life," he told her. Which was true. But he'd watched me do it plenty of times and scrubbed those carrots up good. 
Owen also told her that when Magnolia is ready for her first haircut that we'd be bringing her to Melissa who cuts all of our hair. We ALL love Melissa. When they left, Gibson stood on the kitchen porch and yelled, "Thanks for coming! Come see us again soon!" 
My boys. Owen is getting so serious and mature and Gibson is getting funnier and sweeter all the time. 

Not only did Melissa and Juancho stop by on their way home, but so did Hank and Taylor and Connor and Billy and Shayla and Waylon. I had invited them all! Everyone got to meet the baby chickens, and Connor and Waylon played outside and a huge, huge thing happened today. For the very first time ever, Waylon gave me a hug and a kiss. 
I cried. 
I just cried. 
You can't push that boy. You just have to wait and let him choose what he wants to do and today he chose to hug and kiss me and it was one of the sweetest moments of my life. 

Just the best. All of it. And it made me realize once again how much I love my family and how much I love my house and yard which is pretty much paradise for kids who can play outside and feed bread to chickens and cuddle new baby chicks and pat the cats and see the goats next door and find toys and books everywhere. And I got to hang out with people I hardly ever see these days because of work and responsibilities. 

And where was Mr. Moon in all of this? Building that amazing outdoor baby chicken training and recreational facility and it's done and tomorrow I'll take those peeps out there to play in the dirt and there will be pictures. It's a thing of beauty and cleverness and I am constantly in awe of his ability to conceive things in his head and then actually build and create them. 

Oh my goodness. It's late and I haven't even started supper. Oh well. Who cares? We gathered by the river, the babies were baptized in the sweet pure water of the Wacissa, we took communion together with peanut butter sandwiches and Costco turkey roll-ups and watermelon and barbecue potato chips. I got a hug and a kiss from one of the most special children I know and once again, I am just so grateful that I could fall off the earth and float to heaven. 

As I told Taylor this afternoon, this weather has been so beautiful lately that I just want to say, "Kiss me, you fool!" 
Warm enough to get in the river today, cool enough tonight to snuggle under the covers. 

All is well in Lloyd tonight and I would hope that all is well with you.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Waylon! Wow! That's the topper to this beautiful cake of a day.

  2. Juancho- I've been waiting six and a half years for that. My heart got all swole up. It sure was a fine day.

  3. What a wonderful day you had! It looks just beautiful. And is August grabbing out for Maggie?

  4. John Gray- Well, not nearly as certified or bona fide, but truly real and loving. Thank you.

    Joanne- Yes! He is! He wants to grab her for sure! And probably taste her.

  5. Sounds like a wonderful day all around! I got to meet three three-day old goats at our son's mini-farm today. Yeah, I'm in love! The one named Gidget is my fave.

  6. Looks like a lovely day for all! Gail

  7. A plan, realized. Let's do it again!

  8. What a terrific day! You're surrounded by fine folks -- and I think you're right about blogging and the connections it creates.

  9. Sounds wonderful. Cool and refreshing and good for the heart.

  10. What a beautiful Sunday down by the riverside.


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