Monday, April 4, 2016

And Isn't This Fine?

I slept ten hours last night and feel no guilt whatsoever. My animal doctors, Jack and Maurice, prescribed rest for me and enforced it with their bodies. Maurice slept on the left side of me all night down by my feet and Jack slept on the right side of me by my shoulder.
Every time I woke up they were there and such a comfort and I would snuggle into their coziness and fall back asleep and I am remembering today that being-on-vacation-myself feeling when Mr. Moon is out of town doing something he loves. No schedules, no time-lines, no expectations. I am going to take a little walk, stretch out these old bones, hang sheets on the line and get back to the garden.

The littles are thriving and getting their wings, my entire world is blue, green, and purple.

There is peace on the porch.

There is peace in my heart. 

Good morning. 


  1. Are the chicks able to look after themselves from a young age? I can never sleep ten hours because one of our cats can't be trusted with a full bowl of food! She would eat the whole thing, bring it back up, then be hungry for the next nine hours :)

  2. I am happy to hear that you are feeling peaceful xxxx

  3. it's really *all* i can do in the mornings to get up and go to work when my cat sleeps away on top of me and Olive is tucked beside me in the morning. Every fiber of my being bemoans leaving that oxytocin cocoon.


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