Saturday, April 2, 2016

Ask And Ye Shall Be Given

Sometimes I am smarter than I know and today was a good example of that. I realized that what I needed was a visit from grandchildren and I texted Lily and asked her if she'd like to come over and she said that yes, she would, she was having a hard day too.
And soon they were all here and the first thing we did was to clean out the baby chick home and that meant that the boys could hold the peeps and gently put them in the box they came in so that I could refill their water and food and clean out the shavings and poop and give them all fresh. We all loved it- Lily and the boys and I, and the boys came up with a few new names and the one I like best is the one Gibson gave to the little runt that I was so afraid wasn't going to make it but who now runs around and peeps and eats and drinks with as much energy as her flock mates. He named her Dearie.

Oh my. So perfect.

We went out and kicked bamboo which is coming up with almost preternatural swiftness. Owen peeled and took a piece to the kitchen to prepare as a snack for us. 

It is not as delicious as it looks, let me just say. But it was sweet of him to make it. Did I tell you that this boy recently got all A's and E's on his report card? 
He did. 
We are so proud of him. 

Boppy got home from the river and Magnolia woke up and her grandfather held her. 

She is just at that perfect baby doll age where she is holding her head up well and looking about and smiling and starting to laugh and when she smiles, her whole face smiles, her eyes, her cheeks, her mouth. I love her so much that I can barely stand it but I've been through this before and I know this is the way I'm supposed to feel about her and that if I sometimes cry just from the sight or smell of her, then she and I are both doing our jobs and proceeding as nature intends. 

The boys wanted to do all of the Mermer House things. Owen and I played a rousing game of Battle and he handily beat me. It was so much fun and I thought about how we used to play cards when he was little and I made up games to teach him numbers and here he is now and it makes me feel good to see him so quick and sure of them now. 
Gibson wanted to play the matching game and so we did that too while Mr. Moon gave Maggie a bottle. 

After that, Boppy and Owen put a puzzle together and Gibson and I had a tea party which was mostly about spilling water everywhere but who cared? 

He cracked me up so much. When he finally got all of it arranged to his satisfaction, he threw his arms back and said, "Let's have tea!" and then, using his Gibson voice which is as loud and rusty as a redheaded rooster said, "I AM THE TEA MAN!"
I tried to have a polite conversation with him, calling him Mr. Gibson and that was fine for a moment but then he went back to pouring water everywhere and swigging it down. 
It was awesome!

All during these adventures we had to go check on the baby chicks again and again and I showed Owen how to gently hold tiny Violet (which is his chick, according to him) against his tummy under his shirt and how quiet and still she gets because she feels as if she is under her mama's wings. He liked that. But then the boys and their grandfather decided to go out and find bugs to feed the chicks and so they did and brought them in and if there's anything more fun than watching tiny chickens kill and eat bugs, I have no idea what it would be. 
Gotta love 'em. 
And it turns out that tiny chicks are far better at killing and eating bugs than you could ever imagine. 

And of course there was Maggie holding and Maggie changing and Maggie adoring and making-Maggie-giggle and kissing Maggie and telling her how much we all love her. 

It was absolutely the best. All of it. 
I even got my porches swept which I've needed to do for weeks and there were snacks and chats and when they were all loaded into the van and we were saying good-bye, I said to Owen, "Did you know that when you were Maggie's age and I used to take care of you, I would drive you all the way to Publix so that your mama could nurse you on her break?"
He was a bit embarrassed to hear this and a bit proud and a bit delighted and we talked a little bit about how I've been taking care of him since he was a tiny baby and this is why we are such good friends and know each other so well. 
And it's true. 
I tell you what- when I think about the fact that I'm not going to be here on earth forever, the thing that makes me saddest is that I won't be here for that boy and for his brother and his sister and his cousins forever the way I would want to be. I know that what I have given them and hope to continue giving them for a while, at least, is important and irreplaceable, in a way. No one can love anyone the way a grandparent loves a child. It can be a bond which is as mysterious as it is pure. The love I feel for these babies is absolutely unconditional. Oh hell- I know when they're being disrespectful or naughty but it's so easy to laugh and forgive them, chide and then cherish them. 
I hope they remember this sort of love and that it gives them a sense of self-worth as they grow older which sustains them. 
That's what I hope. 

And so that is what I did today and then Mr. Moon and I got out in the garden and he planted tomatoes and I weeded and he tilled the part where we want to plant sweet potatoes. He is about to go down to the coast tomorrow to fish with friends and his sister for a few days and I hope to get a lot done in that garden. To plant the sweet potatoes and creamer and field peas and to mulch. It's so obvious that the dirt is much happier under mulch. That is where the earthworms live and as the mulch breaks down it enriches the soil as well as keeping moisture in and deterring (somewhat, not entirely) the growth of weeds. 
It will be good to have a few days to concentrate on things that need to be done around here although I will miss that man. Hopefully, I'll go join him and my sister-in-law for a day or two to shop and eat in Apalachicola, perhaps to cook some fresh grouper. 
We shall see. 

All I know for sure is that I've had a beautiful day and have received even more love than I could give and that the sky has cleared and the mulberries are turning pink and the chicks are all alive and it is a little bit cooler and I am grateful, as summer begins its inevitable, debilitating approach. 
That for this moment, I could not ask for more. 
That on a day when I woke up ready to cash in my chips, I have experienced such prosaic and miraculous goodness.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Such sweetness. Congratulations to Owen for making good grades and Gibson for being the best Tea Man! Loving all of it. The pictures make me homesick, isn't that funny? XXOO

  2. Yolie- No. It isn't funny. Because I am homesick for you guys every day. I promise you. I wanted to ask Scott what the karmetic implications of finding bugs to feed to baby chickens were. Every night I touch the embroidery you gave me and it calms me. Every time I tuck Gibson into my bed to play with my phone I think of Kaleb. I mis you all. So very much.

    A- Honest to all the gods.

  3. Your sentiments about wishing to be around forever and ever to give those grandkids love is totally understood by me. You sure have fun with baby chicks, puzzles and tea parties.

  4. Pure joy reading your post tonight. Love and goodness abound and it is so healing to experience through your words. Your life is rich, and you make me richer through your sharing of it
    susan M

  5. All those precious kids and the cute chicks and your amazing porch and Lily and Mr Moon... Love it all. I'm glad you had their company today. Thank you for sharing as it makes my day richer too.

  6. An amazing day. It sounds just perfect. Magnolia is beautiful. Really beautiful. Gibson's name for the runt chick is beautiful. And I'm proud of Owen and those grades!

  7. You probably don't know this, but every single day your blog is a joy and a comfort to me. So much goodness and I wish I was part of your wonderful family. Thank you for sharing your life with us! ♡

  8. Perfectly beautiful.

    Lucky babies, having you for a granma.

    XX Beth

  9. Such a love-filled day with people with whom you can be so fully yourself. What joy. So proud of Owen for his As and Excellents, but not surprised. Your grandchildren will remember these days always. You are giving them roots and you are giving them wings. Forgive the cliche. It's the truth. I love coming here and catching up with you and all your babies. I am so glad you had this day.

  10. We must be on the same 'cycle, or something. I took three naps yesterday because I felt that it wouldn't make a difference if I didn't. Of course I don't have a little Maggie to hug and smell. Today's a new day, though, and reading your blog this morning has made it a better day already!

  11. you are doing it all just right. my grandson has basically moved in with us. he got transferred to a store that is about halfway between us and his parents in the city and he says it's faster getting to and from work from our house. he's very considerate, always calling to say if he is coming in or not. I got him his own set of keys yesterday. the twins want the three of us to get matching tattoos as soon as they turn 18 which will be in a few months, so that they will have something to think of me after I'm gone...their idea. I'm so lucky

  12. Yay! You got chicks! (Clearly I am way behind here.) I love the name Dearie. I'm not sure I've ever seen a chick that color. I thought all chicks are yellow, or mostly yellow.

    Anyway, it sounds like a terrific day. Love the Noah's Ark puzzle. Even a skeptic like me can always appreciate certain Bible stories. :)

  13. I also feel sadness about not being here for that many more years--hopefully a few more decades, but still....
    I have no one of blood to mourn me but that's okay. I simply have a lot of curiosity about what the world will be like in 100 years. Lots to think about.

  14. That smiling picture of Owen and Boppy will be one that Owen shares with his own grandchildren someday, as he speaks of the wonderfulness of his childhood and grandparents.

  15. Your words so often remind me of my own Nana. She died in 2004 and not only do I miss her but I carry her with me. I think it is a beautiful thing that when you do go you are also leaving this blog for them. They will love reading it.

  16. Terra Hangen- I don't think I want to be around forever and ever. I just want to be able to give all of my grandchildren the most and best I can. I love to sleep way too much to want to be alive forever. Does that make sense?

    Susan M- Richest woman in the world. That is me.

    Joanne- Sometimes when I am really down, I don't want to be around my grandchildren because I am afraid it will be too apparent to them but yesterday, I knew it was what I needed and it was and we all had a very grand time of it. No pun intended.

    Jill- I love that Gibson named that chick "Dearie". Such a perfect chick name.

    Jennifer- Well, in a way, you ARE a part of my family since you are part of this community. I am so grateful for that. And for you. Thank you.

    Beth Coyote- Lucky ME for having them as grandchildren too.

    Elizabeth- If only all the days that were hard were so easily and beautifully taken care of.

    Angella- That is exactly what I would wish to give them- roots and wings. I hope I do. I hope I can.

    Catrina- And I am glad for that!

    Ellen Abbott- We are the lucky ones in having these grandchildren who love us and want to be with us. We certainly are. I love the tattoo idea!

    Steve Reed- Oh, chicks come in every color and design imaginable! They really do. And I love that puzzle. It's so awesome even though I'm sure that Noah couldn't have managed with all of that wildlife on a boat. No matter how many cubits it was.

    Syd- Well, between the two of us, we may be balancing out the universe. Who knows? Not me.

    NOLA- I hope so!

    Birdie- Again- I hope so. I hope that if they do read it, they will know how much I think of them and how much I love them. Which would be all I could ever ask.

  17. What a beautiful day! That is family life at its best.


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