Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Someone Needs A Rubber Duckie

Okay, okay, okay, okay, I'm fine, I really am.
It's been one of those days where I just did the tiny things like scrub toilets and sweep floors and hang laundry and repot a plant and eat crappy food.

I did get to see Owen and Gibson and Magnolia for a few minutes. When I got there, Owen and Gibson were trying to fix their road. Owen had a shovel for said purpose. Their road is horrible. The Waste Management company throws tantrums and refuses to pick up their trash. It's a feud by now. Owen, however, decided that no, he could not fix the road but his mother thanked him for trying. It is a rather large job for one boy and a shovel, even with Gibson's help.
Magnolia joyfully smiled for me and rested her head against mine for a blissful moment or two and slobbered all over me and spit up on me and let me kiss her over and over again.

In order to try and negate some of the crappy food I ate today, I am going to make one of my favorite recipes tonight, Creamy Cashew Butternut Squash soup, although I use acorn squash and sweet potatoes. Let's bring it on down south, y'all. Mr. Moon does not especially like it but he'll eat it because he's sweet like that. I bought new turmeric today and the lady checking me out, whose name was Geeta, asked me what I was going to cook and we got into quite a discussion about turmeric and how she uses it and its health-giving properties and also cumin, etc.

So I suppose I better get in the kitchen and start cooking onions and cashews and ginger and squash and sweet potatoes. I hate peeling hard squashes. Do you? Cutting them up is no picnic either.

Here's a picture Jessie just sent me.

All of a sudden he's sitting up like a boss and he got a new bathtub. She sent me an even cuter picture before that one but it showed his precious little pee-pee and you know I can't disrespect my grands by showing more than an occasional little pink butt so I requested one that covers the preciousness up. 
Is there anything in this world cuter than a naked baby in the bathtub? 
If there is, I surely would like to know about it but I'm not sure I could handle it. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Dearest Mz Moon-

    I got sorta caught up with you and your life, the dying hen and all the delicious babies and your beautiful lush earth where you live.

    It's effing HOT here in the NW, very unseasonally so. But Felix is contemplating the back yard where he guards the bird feeder from the neighbor cat. Lola is lolling around getting her black fur on everything. And my house is habitable and I can cook in my pretty new kitchen, which is just a joy. The veggies are going gangbusters in their raised beds and the lilacs are blooming.

    Still there is anxiety that twists me and slaps me around. Such is my life.

    For now I better get to the post office and take the dog to the lake before he melts.

    XXXX Beth

  2. Beth Coyote- And I have been so happy, thinking of you cooking in your kitchen, your real true kitchen! I am glad your vegetables are growing well. We haven't gotten enough heat yet for mine to really start going! How odd is that?
    I love and adore you.

  3. Yes, I hate peeling butternut squash, and cutting it, it hurts a little. There must be a better way. A lot of people roast them in halves, I guess.

    No, there is nothing cuter than bathing babies.

  4. I've been told that if you microwave a squash for a short time it will soften the peel and the flesh enough to make it easier to cut. I don't know what the magic amount of time is, though. I usually get my husband to cut it up for me as I end up with sore wrists otherwise.

    Aha - I just found directions on HuffPost here:


    Basically, poke with a fork many times, nuke for 3-1/2 minutes, maybe a bit more, peel with vegetable peeler, slice up, remove seeds, then use in your recipe. It partly cooks the squash so it doesn't take as long to cook, so factor that in.

  5. Oh, no, I forgot an important step: after poking it with a fork, SLICE BOTH ENDS OFF!

  6. Tonight I made Creamy Black Bean and Cilantro Dip from the Thug Kitchen cookbook. It was mighty tasty on raw veggies. I told my husband that he isn't allowed to have veggie from a jar anymore because it is loaded in shit that I can't pronounce with the first ingredient being canola oil. I am telling you this because you mentioned this cookbook ages ago and then I bought it. So, thank you! :-)

    This week I made roasted vegetables and was peeling a butternut squash. I dropped it about 10 times before I got it peeled. The yams were a bitch too. But it was worth it in the end. I threw on some spices and baked. Delicious! And healthy!

    There is nothing cuter than a baby in a bathtub.

  7. I just read Jenny's comment about using the microwave. We don't have a microwave so I am SOL.

  8. I'm sure, in coming years, Gus will appreciate your discretion. :)

    It can be REALLY hard to chop up some winter squashes. In fact I remember my mom had a cookbook that recommended cutting up Hubbard squash with an axe!

  9. Jo- Roasting is good. Also putting them cut and seeded in a dish with some water in the microwave for a few moments helps tremendously.

    jenny_o- I do a variation of that. Thanks!

    Birdie- Good for you! And why don't you have a microwave? I love black beans.

    Steve Reed- Yes. I try to remember that one day my grandchildren will grow up and if the internet is still happening, they don't need to see pictures of their baby selves, naked for the world to see.
    I've thought about using an axe. Nothing could go wrong with that plan, right?

  10. That August is the cutest. Glad you're feeling better.

  11. After ours broke we decided to see if we actually use it all that much and discovered that we didn't need it as much as we thought it did. We may get it fixed eventually.

  12. there is definitely nothing better than a baby in a bathtub and I can smell your soup from here


  13. He is so precious!

    And turmeric -- I know about its anti-inflammatory properties, but just the other day I saw it whole in Trader Joe's. What does one do with whole turmeric?


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