Wednesday, April 13, 2016

An Historic Day

I am moving like a snail today, or perhaps more like a turtle, determined to cross that road despite his speed limitations. I do not feel good but I am not deathly ill either. Slow, achy, my eyes feel weird. But you know- it's okay.
And I'm not being a martyr here- it really is okay and I'm slowly getting things done and here are what the chicks look like in their clean little house this morning.

Can you see how much they are changing? They peep constantly and they poop and eat and rest and drink and practice scratching. I can't wait to introduce them (in a most protected way!) to the great outdoors. 

But mostly what I want to say today is that this is the anniversary of both Lily and Jason (eight years) and Jessie and Vergil (three years) and that nothing in this world could make me happier than seeing my daughters legally shacked up with such fine men, such good daddies, such loving husbands. 
My heart overflows with the way they have formed their own families. 
Life can be hard and there is absolutely nothing in this world like having a loving partner to share the joys and the sorrows. To celebrate the best things together and to help each other through the most difficult. 

And they have given us all so much to celebrate. 

I am proud of them, I love them, I am wishing them lifetimes of as much love and joy and laughter and fun and dancing as can possibly be fit into a lifetime. Grand adventures. Always. And then grand children. Because that is the best. 

Yours truly...Ms. Moon


  1. My goodness - what happens to the time! Please extend our love and anniversary wishes to two darling couples.

  2. PS - You know, Saturday was #5 for Jack and me. We celebrated with the Southern Music Rising Festival all day. We also toasted you and Kathleen for bringing it all together on that lovely day.

  3. Happy Anniversary to Lily and Jason and Jesse and Vergil. I had a delicious fresh fried egg for breakfast. Gail

  4. Happy anniversaries to the girls, and I love seeing those little chicks growing and thriving!


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