Thursday, April 14, 2016

Homade Is Always Best

I am feeling better this evening and did not even take a nap. This is not to say that I didn't want to take a nap. I even thought about going and laying down on the love couch in the library and reading for a while which might, theoretically, have prevented me from actually sleeping but we all know how that would have ended so instead I did some more ironing which is restful too.
I'm getting good at that shit although I am not good at ironing Mr. Moon's trousers because he has a 38" inseam and my arms get tired.
I also made a ninja run into town to get food and books. At the library I saw that same man who had fallen there a few weeks ago and we said "hello" and did not discuss much although I did say that I believed that I had listened to every audio book that branch library has which I might care to listen to. He said, "I know what you mean."

For tonight's gourmet dinner we are having chicken and dumplings although my chicken and dumplings are not like your grandmother's were because they have things in them like collard greens and carrots and mushrooms. Traditional chicken and dumplings have chicken and dumplings in them with maybe a celery stalk and a piece of onion, salt and pepper. Mine have celery and onion too, as well as garlic and bay leaf and Bragg's liquid amino acids which tastes far better than it sounds. I am, however, using frozen Mary B. brand dumplings because, as I have said, I make Yankee dumplings and have no hand for making southern dumplings which are basically puffy pasta. The frozen ones are good and I am certain without a doubt that some dear sweet old southern lady who is named Mary B. is rolling out dumplings in her own personal kitchen at this very moment and handing them to her grandchildren who are packaging them up and putting them in a gigantic freezer to ship to grocery stores all over the country. Her sons and daughters are the truck drivers who deliver them, doing only four hour shifts per day and singing merrily along with the radio as they drive.
This is the way it works in my world.

I just got a call from Jessie. Vergil is out of town and August is teething and still has a cold and I could hear him fussing in the background. "Why don't you just bring that boy out and spend the night?" I asked her.
"Well, that's sort of what I was calling about," she said.
I don't know if she's going to spend the night or not but it will be nice to have her and August here. I have not seen my grandchildren since Monday and I am starting to pine for them.

I feel especially old and southern tonight. I saw a tiny mouse in the kitchen hutch when I went to put the crock pot away this morning and instead of freaking out I simply left the door open in hopes that either Jack or Maurice will do something about that situation but they have shown no interest at all today but instead have spent the entire day lounging about and hoping for Temptations. Perhaps tonight the desire to hunt will overcome them or perhaps it won't.

Okay. I just looked up Mary B's dumplings on the internet and get this- the name of her company is Hom/Ade Foods but her website is which throws a whole new interesting kink into the visual image of Ms. B. and her kitchen, at least as to what Mary B. is wearing and the amount of make-up on her face as she rolls out those dumplings, one by one.

I have nothing to add to that. I'm going to go stir the dumplings.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I remember when my Mama used to make homemade (NOT HO MADE!) noodles and dumplings. She'd have them drying all over the kitchen counters. I didn't inherit her talent, so I buy Reames frozen noodles and dumplings. Not a fan of chicken and dumplings, I don't make it much. It's because it seems like chicken soup. Your version of it sounds much better. Admit it...doesn't it make you feel a little happy that your widdle girl wants to be with you when her baby's not feeling well? It sure would me!! Enjoy that boy and that daughter!

  2. I would give just about anything to have some of my grandma's chicken and dumplings again. They were so delicious, just like everything she cooked. I miss her and I miss her food that she cooked with so much love. ♡

  3. Best comfort food ever. I only make those noodles from scratch when I can't find them frozen in the store. Ours are called Annie's and come in a box. Just as good as the scratch ones. I'm gonna start putting more stuff in with mine though, because yours sounds good!

  4. I love chicken and dumplings. I have never made chicken and dumplings in my life.

  5. hahaha, Ho Made. That's funny. So Mary B's a madam with a bordello of dumpling rollers instead of a sweet old dear? I like it.

    Whores' Dumplings instead of Hors d'Oevres.


  6. Homade -- LOL! Someone didn't think that one through.

    Hopefully that mouse got smart and got out of there. The cats may not seem tempted now but something tells me that would change if they saw (or smelled) Mr. Mouse.


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