Friday, April 22, 2016

Friday Rolls Around Again

Yesterday was just a shit day and I didn't get much done but Jessie did come by with Prince August and I had a lovely time holding him on the porch. He had just woken up from a nap and was completely content to sit on my lap and try to get my necklace off of me and into his mouth and to accept my kisses and snorgles and to look around at all the hanging stuff on my porch- the mermaid, the glass disks, the mirror, the funky junk I surround myself with. His big eyes took everything in and then I handed him back to his mother so that I could look at him.

I have the baby chicks now where I can see them from my seat on the porch and they amuse me no end. The larger chicks, the Barred Plymouth Rocks, have begun a rather distressing activity which involves flying towards each other and bumping into each others' chests with great fluttering of wings and much peeping. 
I fear this may mean they are all roosters but we shall see.
This is not a great picture but it's what they look like today.

They love being outside and they love the greens I chop up for them and deliver at regular intervals. The cats and the mature chickens still seem to be ignoring them. 

Last night I made a potato and kale and collard gratin. I'd never made a gratin before and the recipe called for me to massage the greens "aggressively" with olive oil and salt and pepper and garlic and so I did. I thought the dish came out lovely. Not sure my husband agreed so much. When one has a garden full of greens, however, one must step outside of one's comfort zone occasionally to try new things. 

And so it went and here it is Friday and I've already been on the phone with my health care provider because I am literally OUT of my medications and despite being contacted at the beginning of the week, they had not responded even though I went to see them about this a few weeks ago and then had that horrible anxiety attack and dear god, I have to find another provider. 

Prince is still dead. Donald Trump is still running for president, bluebirds are flitting about my yard, Jack and Maurice seem to have become friends or at least hang out together for much of the day, I have to go to town, tomorrow we are going to spend the night in Apalachicola because Lon and Lis are playing there and it is almost Lis's birthday, the baby chicks are trying to figure out how to escape from their coop, the mosquitoes here are as fierce and large as I've ever seen them, and it might rain today which would be good for the garden. 

Life is such a mixed blessing of it all, isn't it?

Happy Friday.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I wonder what's going on with those chickens?!

    Anything with kale and collards sounds good to me, but I must admit that gratin is often too creamy/cheesy for my taste. I like my greens the old-fashioned way: BOILED! (But not TOO long.)

  2. Lis's birthday is my birthday, right?

    Have I shown you this video before? Reminds me of 'massage the greens aggressively'

  3. I was thinking you need to find a new health care provider. The one you have now ain't doing right by you.

  4. Jack and Maurice are friends?!

    Nothing is impossible! I hope that some lovely outdoor cats takes a shine to Ziggy and wants to visit and play with her while requiring nothing of me. And that it kills that fat sparrow that torments Ziggy regularly but no other birds.

  5. Steve Reed- This had just a tiny bit of milk in it and so was not very creamy. Just sort of delightful.

    Jo- Monday? I haven't watched that but will. I promise. They had me at Posh nosh.

    Not Blank- No shit. Now. If only calling medical people wasn't one of the most stressful things in my fucking life...
    But I have to. I will. Thank you.

    NOLA- Maybe a unicorn could show up too.

  6. Steve Reed- I basically made this recipe:

  7. August is adorable. Just perfect--like his mama and grandmer.


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