Saturday, April 2, 2016

I Don't Know Nor Do I Care Very Much

While I was still sleeping I got this picture from my husband who was already on the river. I think that would be the Wacissa River.

Meanwhile here there is a sound coming from the south which could possibly be Lloyd Creek rushing its banks or every frog in the world waking up to talk about something or even a tiny windstorm, contained within a few square feet. It rained hard last night, as if the sky were slapping the earth with water. I should put on my walking shoes and go see what the sound actually is but I don't have the heart for it today. I feel paralyzed and even the idea of cleaning out the chick chest and giving them fresh food and water seems overwhelming.

Maybe I'll eat an egg before I do anything.



  1. we had flash flooding most of yesterday here in New Orleans - pretty serious mess.

    And today it's blue sky, as if it never happened.

    I swear this city is like being in a domestic violence relationship.

  2. Oh sweetie I hope your mood improves . Maybe a visit with your beautiful grandchildren would help . Sendin a warm hug to you dear xxxxx

  3. I hope that you get what you need by being outside. I am doing just that.


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