Sunday, April 24, 2016

Short. So Sweet

After we all ate breakfast this morning in Eastpoint, which is right across the bridge from Apalachicola at the Mexican restaurant which serves American breakfast, we went over to the property and Lon and Mr. Moon staked out some more house things and we met one of our neighbors, or should I say- a present and hopefully future occupant of the lot.

It was truly a fine weekend and in twenty-four hours I got to experience so much pleasure. Lunch with Lon and Lis and Mr. Moon and shopping with Lis and some sweet husband time and then dressing up a little bit and going to listen to my two favorite musicians and having a late-night bar-supper with them at the Gibson where we were staying. Not to mention...martinis.

When we got home this afternoon I cleaned up the bathroom where the baby chicks have been living. They are just getting too big to live in an ice chest in the bathtub. Lon and Lis had another gig this afternoon in another town west of Apalachicola but they will be coming in to spend the night in Lloyd and tomorrow is Lis's birthday and some of my kids will be coming out to have birthday breakfast with her. She is their fairy-godmother and Lon is their fairy-godfather. I have a prune cake in the oven and fresh shrimp to cook. And Jessie and Vergil and August came out to borrow Mr. Moon's smoker so that Vergil can make venison jerky for the Grand Canyon trip he's about to embark on.

Mr. August is having some difficulty, either with teeth or tummy or who-knows-what and was a little fussy but also happy when he wasn't being fussy and here he is, chewing on some celery and blessing us all with his beautiful hand in the way he does.

And Jessie brought me roses.

They are sublime and magnificent and I was just despairing that I have nothing blooming to put on the hallway altar. And now I do.

Time to go make a brown-sugar frosting, boil shrimp, heat up bread and risotto and wait on my favorite musicians and I am so grateful that Lis and I have gotten to spend so many birthdays together and here we are, about to spend another.

Maybe tomorrow I will write about when Lis turned forty and she and Lon and Glen and I drove down to the coast in the convertible to eat fried oysters in Panacea and Lon gave his wife black pearls and we didn't have a care in this world.

Or maybe I just did.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Your world sounds beautiful. Little Gus is growing up fast .

  2. I love your writing and so look forward to it. As I do the photos of your grand babies. I hope August feels better. He is so cute with his huge celery stick. Happy birthday to Lis!

  3. I think it's a funny thought - a town named panacea. Maybe I need to go there for my fortieth which is approaching with alacrity.
    (I've been leaving comments from my phone but none of them seem to have got through.)

  4. You all are so lucky to have this birthday thing together. I love it. And your black pearl story was perfect. Happy Birthday, Lis!

  5. Beautiful roses, and beautiful turtle!

  6. it doesn't get much better than this.

  7. You and Mr. Moon and Lon and Lis are couple soul mates. it is a very blessed relationship to have! Not every couple is so lucky.


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