Monday, April 25, 2016

Further Chick Adventures

I got a call today from my next-door neighbor.
"Hey Mary," she said. "Could you take three biddies?"
"Oh, Lord, Carolyn," I said. "I just transitioned my babies outside and got the bathroom where I was keeping them all cleaned up."
Which is so true. So very, very true.
And then she proceeded to tell me a story about a broody hen she's got who's been sitting on eggs and she's put peacock eggs under her, trying to get those to hatch out, and then these three little ones got born and if she left them with the mother, she wouldn't sit on the eggs and she's afraid that cats will get them, etc., etc.
"Please, please, please!" she said. This woman loves animals. Dogs, cats, chickens, goats. Since I've lived here she's had a turkey, a llama, and she has donkeys too. And she had a very old horse.
What could I do? I sighed and told her I'd get them everything set up and I did and went over there and gave me these three in a box.
They are the grandchildren of Elvis, having been sired by Elvis, Jr.

So I brought them home and one of them has a messed up foot. And these babies have just hatched. I settled them into their pine shavings and turned on their light and showed them where the food was and then I went online to see if anything could be done about the foot.

Turns out that supposedly, you can help this problem.

Yeah, I know. You don't need to watch that. I love the woman's voice though. She's so pragmatic about it all. I showed the video to Mr. Moon and then we applied a bandage to the foot and we shall see how it goes.

I can't believe I'm doing this again.

Well, here we are. I haven't even thought about naming these three. Let's just see how they do.

Also? The candle is still playing "Happy Birthday."

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I did this toe *correction* thing once Mary, and it worked wonderfully! One bandaid per foot. Who would have guessed? How about naming them Lon, Lis, and Elvis the 3rd? LOL! When it rains, it pours (chickens) Susan M

  2. Oh lord. My future is I become your neighbor. We've been having conversations all day about when to get chickens, what would happen if we found a bunch of kittens, or a stray dog...

    I think our chickens come next spring. Although I'm not good at keeping to timelines when it comes to adopting beasts.

  3. The way you look after these little chicks makes the world a better place. Seriously.

  4. Elvis babies! Well, this was meant to be, clearly.

  5. Oh I love this. Easy for me to say! :) and Elvis grandchildren makes me smile!

  6. but can you teach them to sit? seriously, I had a neighbor in the city who had three chickens and he taught them to sit on command.

  7. I hope the bandages work. How wonderful you have Elvis's grandchildren. Gail

  8. The haunted candle! How many chicks is that now?

  9. Vampire candle!

    Hey, maybe your chicks are boys and you'll have to eat some of 'em and these ones will replace them...

    Chicks are so darling, how can I say such things?

  10. Little splints! That is so cute and amazing.


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