Friday, April 22, 2016

Might As Well Laugh/All's Well That Ends Well

Today was a complete and utter cluster fuck and yet, all ended pretty well and I am smiling and I have my medications and I'm going to make risotto tonight.

I am listening to Ruth Reichl's "Garlic and Sapphires" and she speaks of risotto and I remember I used to make a version of it with spinach and sun-dried tomatoes and damn, suddenly, I must have it.
And so I will.

The cluster fuck involved two vehicles stuck on Lily's road and good and friendly neighbors and a neighbor not so good and friendly and unexpectedly needing to go pick up Owen at school for Lily whose van was one of the vehicles stuck and I mean STUCK up to the tits (if a van had tits) and then my vehicle getting stuck (but only up to the ankles, if Prius's had ankles) and Boppy was involved as well as two neighbor boys with a truck and a chain and a very good attitude, despite working in the rain and getting all red-clayed up and driving back and forth to town more than once.

This boy was also involved.

You just can't be around him without just feeling pretty joyful. And his sweet mama. And Lily and the boys and Maggie and Hank.

About the only thing that really got accomplished today was lunch with Mr. Turtle Face and getting Owen home safely and getting cars pulled out of clay.

I could go on and on about stubbornness and long love and the relief of getting my medications and laughing at jokes I can't even remember but I really want to go chop onions and mushrooms and spinach and start stirring risotto. We are having martinis and I would love to go outside and wander around our estate because although the rain is still dripping from the trees, the sun has come out and in its setting is sending laser beams of light across the yard and I'd love to see if we have more than the one pea pod I saw this morning on the vines but the fucking mosquitoes are so bad that we can't bear it.

Might as well cook.


Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Oh, beautiful! I love the tone of this, the what the fuck resilience. And risotto! That's me, knocking at your door. xo

  2. Angella- I am truly simply amused and letting tomorrow take care of itself. Is this like...normal people? Ha! Anyway, I will take a picture of the risotto when it is done. I hope it's as good as I think it will be.

  3. Her books make me so hungry!

  4. That little boy is just so dang cute.

  5. Wow, what a day, lots of ups and downs.

  6. Do you still have Stuck in the Muck? Gibson might enjoy that today :)

    I can't believe I forgot to tell you the joke I made up the other week.

    What do you call a disorganised henhouse?
    I don't know, what do you call a disorganised henhouse?
    A flustercluck!

  7. Oh Mary. It amazes me how through it all you still sit down and write and make us all weep with joy or sadness. You are a marvel. I miss you all and love all the pictures and stories you share so beautifully. I am sad about Miss Lucille. I am going to the sand dunes to do yoga under the full moon tonight. I will holla out a prayer to you. Be on the lookout. Love you.

  8. Ashley- Well, she is certainly good at writing about food!

    jenny_o- And when he does that windmill thing with his arms...oh my god.

    Terra Hangen- Amen.

    Jo- Haha! Yes, we still have that book! I need to read it to Gibson. He was in the car when it got stuck.

    Yolie- I miss you guys so much. When are you coming back? Thank you for the yoga-prayer. It's in my heart now.

  9. OK, this is one thing I do not miss about driving -- getting stuck! (I really don't miss anything about driving, actually.)

    Risotto sounds perfect!


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