Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Can You See It?

Maurice and Jack were in the backyard and I could tell they had their eyes on something. Maurice patted the ground and I saw a scuttle and went outside and this is what I saw. I would never have seen it, had I not seen it move.
The cats don't really appear to be hunting it or tormenting it but they do seem to be amused by it. For now, at least. Chickens eat lizards too.

Let's face it- it'll be a fucking miracle if that poor critter lives to see another sunset.

Nature is cruel.


  1. everything eats and in a closed system what they eat is each other. I don't find that cruel. is it cruel for a lizard to eat flies? only humans indulge in cruelty, purposely hurting others for the sake of that hurt or the weird pleasure they get from it.

  2. Ellen Abbott- I could not agree more.

  3. I saw a video of a cat cuddling with a lizard. I like that notion better but it's probably way unrealistic. I keep my Ollie indoors cause I'm scared of creepy crawlies but Facebook is helping me kinda warm up to them a bit.

  4. I'm sorry about Lucille. I save or try to save those anoles from the dogs almost everyday. Gail

  5. He's blending in pretty well, though! Maybe he'll make it!


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