Sunday, January 5, 2014

What I Did On My Winter Vacation

Last night after our dinner, Mr. Moon and I decided to take a refresher course in why it's A VERY BAD IDEA TO GO TO CERTAIN BEACH BARS! One in particular.
Okay. It was fun and we passed the class with flying colors which means we lived and that we won't be doing that again anytime soon.
But honestly, it was a lot of fun. Everyone there knew everyone there (St. George Island is a very small place) and Mr. Moon even knew a table of people, all of whom drive cars he sold them. It was merry and cozy inside and two guys were playing guitars and singing and they were dressed to the nines in T-shirts and cargo shorts and ball caps and beards and I told them that they needed to bring the guitars down and bring the vocals up and they did and it sounded much better (why did they believe me?) and they played so many songs from the olden days and everyone there knew all the words and sang along and some people (maybe us) even danced.

Anyway, we got out of there before closing and before any fights started and before anyone did anything crazy and so yes, we survived. But I think I may be taking a nap here soon.

It's still gray and drizzling off and on and it's supposed to get into the low twenties if not lower tomorrow night and I am dreading that already. Hell, I'm dreading everything. The appointment at the periodontal surgeon's that I have tomorrow morning so that they can go over the "treatment plan" and tell me how much this is all going to cost me. No drugs will be involved in this appointment so there is absolutely nothing to look forward to. Yeah. I'm dreading that.

Meanwhile, we're back home, obviously, and the beach was so beautiful this morning, gray but with the light shining silver way off on the horizon. We had our breakfast at the Mexican restaurant and then drove home, took it slow and easy. I'm drinking a cup of valerian tea and have laundry running and I'm looking forward to my nap. I am not dreading that.

I am glad we went away and for a little while I was not anxious. The moon last night was a shining silver grin in the sky and I can still hear the swelling and falling of the waves in my head. The cardinals and chickadees are rushing the feeder, perhaps filling up for the energy they'll need for tomorrow's cold. I hope they all make it. I should go pick all the camellias and bring them in because they will be mush in two days if I don't. Maybe the boys and I will do that tomorrow. They'll be here after I go to the dentist. I just have to get through this next week. One day at a time or to be more exact, one moment at a time when it gets really tough.

The valerian tea is having its way with me.
Nap time in Lloyd.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Harry A's? One time Billy met Hank Williams, Jr there.

    When is your appointment? Want to get lunch after?

  2. Last week when you mentioned Valerian tea I picked some up at a health food store. Man, that stuff stinks! It tastes very different than it smells and I slept well last night. :-)

  3. My goodness, you were brave. The "take my batshit wife to the beach" line made me smile. . . I could hear Noah saying the same thing.

  4. Ah, Valerian tea, I'd forgotten all about it. How could I?

  5. I'm a bit behind here, but I'm glad to read that you got away. Your beach bar sounds much better than that place I went last night -- the redneck "Cheers." I forgot to mention the '80s metal cover band. Yes!

    I hope things go well at the dentist. Bring those camellias in! We're supposed to get freezing temps in Tampa, too, though it's hard to believe because it was 79 degrees today!

  6. we have a shit ton of snow and i think they just closed my state until tuesday....wanna trade?

    be well- hope it goes as good as it can get at the dds office tomorrow-


  7. Good luck at the damn dentist. I would just want them to do it and not tell me all the gory details. Remember you will have drugs and mr moon will help you. And we will send our energy to you too. I am glad you got away and had a brief respite from the anxiety. Perhaps the boys will give more moments of that. I hope so. Sweet Jo

  8. I'm glad that you took yourselves out and about -- it sounds as if fun was had -- and I'm sorry that the week ahead is filled with things like dentists and periodontal surgeons. May the force be with you. Love and light and all that shit.

  9. It's good to get away for just a little time. I think that all the pressures of home ownership and responsibility can build up. I find my time to be so peaceful and free of any kind of worry on the boat, as you know.

  10. Mr. Downtown- "Where Strangers Become Friends!" is the motto of Harry A's. Sometimes really GOOD friends. You could come out here and have lunch with me and the boys. Noodles will probably be involved.

    Birdie- I am drinking it in a mix of herbs and it does not taste too bad. Tazo Tea, Rest, is the brand and name.
    Drinking it like it's my job.

    Ms. Vesuvius- You know they think these things all the time. Which is fine. And normal.

    Rubye Jack- And now I've reminded you.

    Steve Reed- I know! I just killed a damn mosquito. Good Lord!

    Mrs. A- NO! I do not want to trade. How do you stand it? I hate being cold.

    Sweet Jo- They'll keep me occupied at least. Why am I so stressed out about tomorrow? I just want to get this shit OVER with!

    Elizabeth- Haha! Thanks for making me smile.

    Syd- Life is just damn stressful most of the time, I think. I don't know. I'm so glad you have that boat to get away too. I know you are so very happy there.

  11. Ms. Moon, I just bought the loose tea. The funny thing is my cat loves it and started ripping the bag open when I got home. I have to keep it in sealed container.

  12. a little unplanned getaway is always good.


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