Saturday, January 4, 2014

A Good Place In Which To Be Batshit Crazy

Mr. Moon and I are on St. George Island with a room at the world-famous Buccaneer Inn whose motto should be "Location, Location, Location! And Not Much Else!"
Well, there's a bed. And running water. And this view:

So I'm not complaining. There's actually a tub in the bathroom which seems to have Jacuzzi type jets in it. I'm laying odds of maybe 50% that they work. 

Mr. Moon asked the desk clerk if there was an internet password. The lady said, "We don't have internet." Well there you go. No need for no pesky password. We don't need no stinkin' internet. Etc. 

It's gray, as you can see but not bitter cold. I took a walk on the beach. 

Two pictures. I got my socks wet. I only brought the one pair. 
Oh well. I talked to a lady fishing. She knew what she was doing. The whiting are running. 

As I walked I thought about all my loves here who may be on an ocean today.  Angella down in the islands. Elizabeth and Denise and Beth Coyote and Rebecca on the Pacific. I thought about all of us, linked by words, by heart, by water. I think of all of us, linked by sky. 

See that little strip of pink? That's the sun going down. 

Trust me. 

I'm pretty proud of myself for leaving Lloyd even if it was just to come to an island where I spent three summers to stay in a beat down beach motel where if the walls could talk you'd beg that they wouldn't. I love my husband for bringing me. I know that when he called our neighbor to ask if he'd tend the animals he probably said,"I gotta take my batshit wife to the beach."

Okay. He probably did not really say that but I'm sure he was thinking it which is okay because it's true.  

I'm looking at the ocean. It is flat with only a few small breakers that hit the sand with the sighing breath of the planet. I am glad to be here. Even in deep sadness I know I am one of the lucky ones. 

I know. 
Again- trust me. 

Love...Ms. Moon, St. George Island, Florida


  1. He's not the only one who loves you, though he's the most.

    Love from my last few weeks in Michigan, Mary. Water is the only thing that brings me back from the brink of crazy, from those terrible anxiety places. Glad you're there.

  2. We're having very high tides and very hard rain and winds, and the sea is getting closer and closer. It's all good, though, I live up a hill.

    Enjoy your time away xx

  3. I love that place.

    Enjoy your time away. The sunset is lovely.

  4. It's as if we are taking shifts to keep on eye on the Gulf.

  5. Nice. Glad that you are there. And think of me on my part of the ocean a bit north of you. Cold tonight and going to get colder soon.

  6. Food for thought:

    Good luck

  7. I wish I was at the damn beach! Why didn't I book a trip somewhere?! Instead, I'm here in the cold, too cold to even take the dog for a walk. Tonight we have an extreme wind chill warning. Extremer then normal.
    If I close my eyes and sniff real hard, I can smell the sea in my memories.

  8. Ah Mary. Ocean and sky and hands and hearts. Yes. And I am glad your man took you to the sea. He loves you very much.

  9. I was there today on the other end.

  10. God Bless, Mr. Moon. I am beyond batshit on my left coast ocean. The day was made of velvet here. Blue sky softened by a gauze of almost white. Almost mist. No wind. Softness everywhere. Or I would have died. From my ocean to yours--xoxoxo.

  11. Dearest Mary-you are in my heart space right now as I grieve and cry and walk my woods and city and look to the stars over all of us. The same moon. the same sun.

    Your sweet and wise husband is good to you. Bless him and you and all beings everywhere who need silence and the waves.

    XXX B

  12. Mr Moon is a keeper. The perfect Xmas gift, a beach getaway... i think i need me a Dr Moon. I am glad you have a man who so obviously loves you. Sweet Jo

  13. I love those little beach places that still make you entertain yo'self! Rocking good choice Ms Moon.

    Be healed. Love to you both.

  14. I understand how fear crowds the brain. Happened to me when I was doing chemo & radiation. I was so afraid all the time, for eight months. The fear took up all my front-brain, blanketed the logic circuits, dimmed the feeling.

    I bless Mr. Moon for taking you away. Bless the unceasing swell of ocean for constantcy. Bless the sunset for reminder of light, your camellias for radiance, the grandboys for pure love. Bless the medication and the coming sunrise.

  15. What a great husband, to take you away and know that you need it. It looks like a great place, internet?! What the hell?

  16. Sara- So many of us suffer from this! It's mindblowing to me. We poor humans! Water helps. The sight of it, the sound of it, the smell and feel of it. I think a lot of people move to the coast as a form of self-medication.

    Jo- Glad you live on a hill!

    Nichol- It is beautiful, isn't it?

    Mr. Downtown- And the Gulf was keeping its eye on us.

    Syd- I did. I do think of you up north a bit. Not so far, similar worlds in many ways. I am glad to think of you there. Stay warm!

    Regine Franck- Just read it. Thank you. Very informative. I so wish there was a magical cure for all of us. I recognized so much of myself in that article. So much.

    heartinhand- Book a trip! Do it soon! You won't regret it.

    Angella- He does. I know.

    Madame Rebecca- I know. And that's what I was thinking of.

    Denise- Thank god for our water/sky comfort. And the air. I am glad you had beauty. Hang in there, sweet woman.

    Beth Coyote- Not easy times for any of us, is it? May we all experience some sweet damn peace.

    Sweet Jo- Yep. He is most definitely a keeper. I wish we could all have such a sweet partner. I know I am very lucky.

    Ms. Fleur- Thanks, sugar.

    Kathleen Scott- Eight months. My god. How did you live through that? Bless you. I am so glad you survived it all.

    Steve Reed- They're the only hotel on the beach on St. George. Take it or leave it. Ha!


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