Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Miracle Of The Day

What I thought was grossocity in my mouth was actually not. All is well. Once again I have catastrophied  that which which did not need catastrophying.
It's a beautiful day. And I am still an idiot.


  1. In my line of work we call word creativity like that "being your own lexicographer." Love it!

  2. You be ok Mer Mer Sweet Jo

  3. Mama D- I am having to become my own lexicographer due to the fact that I'm losing approximately a tenth of my vocabulary a day.

    Sweet Jo- Yep. That's what Owen would tell me. Thanks, sweetie.

  4. It has been a beautiful day!

  5. So tropical! Glad your mouth is actually ok :)

  6. Nicol- I am. Thanks.

    Syd- Here too!

    Elizabeth- Owen fleeing from me because I was trying to take his picture. Gibson following his brother because that's what he does.

    Jo- What you can't see is all the dead, frozen plants. They'll grow back but they look like hell.


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