Sunday, January 26, 2014

Life In Lloyd, Part Whatever

My kitchen smells of pancakes and bacon and I have a new tablecloth on my back porch table and the birds are eating seeds with the enthusiasm of truly hungry stoners at the Golden Corral All You Can Eat Buffet. Elvis is crowing and a hen is on the nest and although the sky is not blue, it is not doomy, either.

It is a Sunday and I am not doomy myself. Which may qualify for Miracle Of The Day.

It was so nice to come home last night after the bridal shower. The food at the shower was plentiful and delicious. Everything from cut up fruit and vegetables to those absolutely disgusting and absolutely amazingly delicious meatballs simmered in: one jar of Welches grape jelly mixed with one bottle of Heinz Chili Sauce. If you've never eaten those, you haven't lived. I've even made them with veggie meatballs and honey, they were good too. Lily made those as well as fresh salsa which was as good as any I've ever made and she made those little wedding cookies which are so perfect. She also made the rum punch (equal parts orange juice, pineapple juice, ginger ale and rum with Grenadine) and that stuff was POPULAR! I saw one lady, older than me, drink at least two big glasses of it. I sampled it (for quality control purposes) and it was not for the faint of heart and it was delicious. She'd even made ice cubes of orange juice with Grenadine to go into the punch and they were so pretty. The Grenadine settled to the bottom and the cubes looked as if they had been made of peaches. Where does Lily get this girly-ability to make pretty things? My food is good but it's not that pretty. It's plain. As I was making the deviled eggs, I thought of how my darling Lis would have piped those deviled yolks into the whites and would have had a small heart attack at the way I was just spooning that gunk in there. I didn't even GARNISH! Okay, I used some dill weed and paprika on top but that's not really garnish.

That's just what you do. 

Anyway, it was a fun shower and all the bases were covered including the girlfriends making the bride a wedding dress with veil and bouquet out of toilet paper. I've never really understood this ritual but it seems that at most showers it must be done. And like I said, it was good to be home and Mr. Moon gave me a beer and turned on Prairie Home Companion for me and we settled in to some card-playing and radio-listening and that was perfect. I'd brought him home a few meatballs and deviled eggs and said, "There's your supper- haha!" and he ate them and was satisfied although after cards we did heat up a bowl of that stew which is slowly being whittled away. 

Okay- here's something funny that happened at the shower (according to me, at least) and just proves the point that Lily is often wary of taking me out in public- the women at my table were talking about their dogs which I think were rescue dogs. They were discussing all the horrible things these dogs do like pissing on the wood floors and destroying them, barking too much and getting under their feet all the time. And so of course I added my sentiment which was, "I hate dogs."
Now despite the fact that these women had said not one good word about their rescued dogs, they were slightly appalled at my statement. 
I don't get it. 
I told Mr. Moon about that and he said, "You were just the life of the party, weren't you?"
He knows me so well. 

No showers today and I'm not sure what I'm doing now that the pancake part of the day is done and the dishes are washed. Oh yeah, laundry. Beyond that, no real plans. Which is fine. I could plant potatoes but I'm not in the mood and it's about to freeze again with that possible snow but I don't believe we're going to get snow. I just don't. And I need to trim my nails because they have become claws. I told Mr. Moon last night that in my next lifetime I am going to marry a manicurist.
"A small Vietnamese man?" he asked. 
"Or woman," I said, studying my cards. "If that's how it works out." 

I hope that wasn't racist. Or sexist. Whatever. 

Well, let's all get on with it. Whatever "it" may be. 

Have a decent Sunday, y'all. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. It tickles me that at the precise moment I came here for my morning blessourhearts, you were here updating. Your devilled eggs looks amazing AND pretty in my opinion. Your breakfast sounds delish. My son is making me blueberry pancakes just now.

    I love your racist, sexist, doggist self.

    Good morning from the truly frozen wasteland of near-Toronto.


  2. haa... morning... I'm blunt spoken as 'they' say ... but I end up with people keeping their distance from me rather than laughing with me.

    You have yet another gift ;)

    I only have one nail that grows ... the one on my right index finger. only one I trim. well, and my damn toenails which are getting harder to trim with each passing year and pie.

  3. Lily's ice cubes! I couldn't get over trying to visualize them! I shall have to try that! And I'm glad you're having a non-doomy Sunday and are married to a man who knows you're the life of the party. And I wanted to climb into that photo for a deviled egg of my own. They look good to me!

  4. LOL about the whiny dog ladies!
    My food is plain too. And I hang out with the quinoa and cilantro crowd, so you know I won't be hosting any dinner parties soon. Unless they like cheese.

  5. I would love the recipe for meatballs. Strange the things we can mix together and make something delicious. My cousin always brings deli ham rolled up with cream cheese inside. It is so good!

  6. Your deviled eggs are fancier than mine - I just spoon it in there and only use paprika as a garnish. No fancy shmancy dill for me!

    And the "small Vietnamese man" response from Mr. Moon was brilliant!

  7. Invisigal- Thanks for visiting! Our pancakes had blueberries in them too.

    Carolyn- "and pie." Ha!

    Angella- They were good enough. Those juice cubes were just beautiful. And Mr. Moon knows me, as I said, so very, very well.

    heartinhand- Quina and cilantro are fine with me but cheese is delicious.

    Birdie- That WAS the recipe. You melt the grape jelly with the Heinz chili sauce, put it in the crockpot with the meatballs and there you are.
    Not kidding.

    Jill- He's funny, that man.

  8. I don't know about that statement that you don't make pretty food because I saved a picture you posted ages ago of a beautifully decorated chicken salad in a pretty blue bowl with red and green grapes and pecans all arranged so artistically! Something I never thought to do, so I like to look at it from time to time just to remind myself to kick it up a notch!
    Angie D

  9. Dear Life of the Party,

    It can be quite lively to be honest! I think your relation ship with your dogs might be fodder for reality TV.

    The shower sounds lovely--but I'm with you. I'd rather have a beer and play cards and listen to the radio with my true love.

    You've got me wanting a beverage with fancy ice cubes though.

  10. I have so not had a decent Sunday, but there's this which makes it decent -- albeit late in the day.

    So, thank you.

  11. I love deviled eggs. Yours looked perfect to me.

  12. omg are you serious? meatballs simmered in welches grape jelly and heinz chili sauce? I have not lived.
    recipe please! pretty please.

  13. LOL @ marrying a manicurist and the ensuing comments.

    I think your deviled eggs look awesome. Who needs fancy piping? Besides it's how they TASTE that matters, right?

    No one made me a toilet paper dress when I got civil-unioned. Or Dave either, for that matter. We were deprived!

  14. Angie D- Well, to be truthful, that chicken salad and its presentation is how Mr. Moon's mother did it. I never would have come up with it on my own.

    Denise- You know, my dogs do not have a terrible life. They have each other, they have numerous couches and chairs to lounge on with knitted blankets. They have a bed of their own. They have a huge yard to play in, to find a sunny spot to lay in. We do not yell at them or ever, ever kick them or hit them (of course!). I let them in and out a million times a day. They have two little boys to follow around and be hugged by and fed by. I think I just feel so guilty because I do not love them the way you're supposed to love your dogs.
    Oh well.

    Elizabeth- I'm so sorry your day wasn't better. I really am. Here's hoping for better days for us all.

    Ellen Abbott- Almost everyone loves deviled eggs. Why is that?

    Ms. Yo- See my response to Birdie's comment above. Description IS the recipe.

    Steve Reed- No one ever made me a toilet paper wedding gown either. For some reason, I have managed to carry on.

  15. Your eggs look like my eggs! Though, yeah, parsley. So good, though, they're like a drug.

  16. Mr. Moon cracks me up--he is a real hoot.

  17. Jo- Gibson ate three deviled egg halves at lunch today. He would cheerfully have eaten more.

    Syd- He is a hoot. Trust me.


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