Thursday, January 30, 2014

Tired Mer Mer

His brother's a genius too.


  1. Well, just look at who their Mer Mer is!

  2. MM -will you try to see if my blog comes up on your blogger feed again? I just updated; and I think I fixed it but want to make sure.

    G is a boy wonder :)

  3. Doll baby genius!And it must be so gratifying to see your genes replicated that beautifully!

  4. Kathleen- Right? Up. Down. Uh-huh. Who needs toys when you have a bean masher?

    Angella- Ha!

    A- And he gets an A plus. Right?

    Jill- He is too freaking cute in my opinion but hell, I'm his grandma.

    Sweet Jo- My little Rain Man.

    SJ- It's working.

    Elizabeth- Well, by the time the grandchildren come, the genes have been fairly diluted by all the rest. He is a baby-doll, isn't he? And he is so squishy and kissable and he WANTS kisses and cuddles. I know he's going to outgrow that but oh, this time is precious.

    Jo- I think so. I do.


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