Friday, January 3, 2014

It's not raining but damn, it is cold. Not as cold as where YOU are, most likely, but cold for us.

Oh hell. Why don't I just change the name of this blog to "Weather Conditions In Lloyd"?

Sometimes talking about the weather is as much as I am capable of doing. Today would be one of those times.

Did I mention it's cold?

Happy Friday, y'all.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. cold as shit here too. and I'm not liking it.

  2. Ms. Moon - I feel your very much. Is it time for meds? You don't have to feel so shitty - I promise!

    Hugs from very, very cold Minnesota! -Marcia

  3. Get into bed. Hot water bottle. Book. That'll do.

  4. Happy New Year Ms Moon.

    I'm just catching up a bit in blogland. Sounds like you guys had a good holiday. I love your record player! That is the coolest thing going.

    Sending love.

  5. It is not raining today but my anxiety is way up. damnitalltohell

  6. Just finished shoveling (and walking the dog) through four inches of new snow. I think that makes our winter tally so far 74 feet and four inches. I'm only exaggerating a tiny bit.
    I haven't had a good poop in days and I'm right miserable.

  7. Well, it's going to be 75 today and we're all feeling anxious out here, too.

  8. Why is it that 65° in Miami feels as cold as 30° in Atlanta? When I was in college I could never figure that out.

  9. Too warm here for January, I've been told.
    When I started my English speaking life about half an eternity ago, I was in Ireland where everybody always mentions the weather.
    It usually is lovely or shite or anything inbetween but it takes good conversation to establish the exact circumstances. So, yes, more weather news from Lloyd, please.

  10. We had a 3.0 earthquake here today . I think everyone is feeling off due to changes in weather. It is a new year and same old right now... Sweet Jo

  11. Ellen Abbott- We live in these southern places for a reason, no?

    Marcia- Because I am having days which are not SO bad, I am hoping to get through this spate of crazy without meds but I swear to you- if I quit having the decent days, I will get on some. I can't tolerate all bad days. I just can't.

    Jo- I have been unusually inert lately.

    Mindy- Thanks, sugar.

    Birdie- Today is a different day and I hope that for you it is DIFFERENT! with less, less, less anxiety.

    heartinhand- Girl, you need some fiber! Make a smoothie with yogurt and fruit and PRUNES! Do you think that would help? I'm sorry.

    Elizabeth- I think it is a world-wide problem. I swear to you.

    Lisa- That is a real and true observation. I don't know why but it is.

    Sabine- Thank you. You are precious.

    Sweet Jo- Fuck! Earthquakes- I can't imagine. Well, that's one thing we do not have here. Please be safe.

  12. And it is cold here too. Very cold this morning. Had to cover the citrus trees.


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