Sunday, January 19, 2014


My Lord but we slept late! Nine o'clock and that is unheard of around here but we didn't get to bed until fairly late, having watched Silver Lining Playbook until eleven. Again- for me at least- unheard of! Have you seen that movie? I know that Elizabeth did. She is my LA movie reviewer correspondent. Of course she sees things the second they are released whereas we get around to watching things when they pop up on HBO. For some reason, I had no idea what that movie was going to be about. One would think I would have had a clue, but no. And what was the deal with Robert Dinero in it? His character was odd and I could see his acting gears all going at once, the scrunched up face, the rounded shoulders. And that mother? Did she have a line? I can't remember.
Anyway, we enjoyed it. I added another inch to the fuzzy pink possible-hat I am knitting. Lily teased me about it yesterday. "So, are you making it for me?" she asked. Pink is her favorite color.
"Maybe," I said.
"I don't wear hats," she said.
"Perhaps you should start," I told her.
My knitting projects have no true purpose other than to keep my fingers busy. I made Owen a scarf once but he claims it is scratchy.

It began to rain this morning, early, when it was still dark. I was surprised and then came the thunder, rumbling and the rain poured down. I went back to sleep again and again, each time I woke snuggling back into the cave of covers, into the sweet unconsciousness.

But now we are up, the animals tended and I have started cooking those stone-ground grits. They take an hour! But they are worth it, creamy as pudding when they are done. I had to give Mr. Moon a yogurt as a snack to tide him over until breakfast will be ready. So what? It is Sunday.
Brunch was invented for Sundays. May works at a restaurant where the brunch is famous and well-attended. She tells me tales of people waiting for an hour for the chance to sit and drink mimosas or bloody mary's and eat grown-up breakfast foods. Sounds good but who can drink in the morning or even early afternoon? I would be back in bed by one and maybe that's the point. I don't know. But I can't imagine getting dressed and driving somewhere to wait in line for a drink, for fancy eggs unless I am on a vacation. In New Orleans, perhaps, where they serve bloody mary's with a pickled green bean. Yes. That I would do. But I am glad that people do like to go out for brunch. Restaurants and servers and bartenders and cooks and chefs and dishwashers depend upon them and there is nothing wrong with a bit of of Sunday luxury, of enjoyment.

But here in Lloyd there will be no such foolishness. Just those grits and a piece of sausage and biscuits I make myself with buttermilk and some eggs our hens have laid. No bra required, and we can make and drink as much coffee as we want and there will be no contaminating of the orange juice with cheap bubbly. The cardinals and finches and a red-headed woodpecker are at the feeder, armies of them, and the squirrels leap from pecan tree to fence to skitter down its length. The chickens' voices swell with rusty crooning. They want out of the coop to take part in this Sunday's brunch of the fancy foods they love so much- the bugs and tender shoots of grass and weeds. We will eat our breakfast on the back porch because although it is cool, it is not cold, and the sun is shining full-on now, and it is Sunday and I am so hungry and we shall eat in a moment when the biscuits are brown and so, the day has well-begun and hello.


  1. no restaurant can compare with home cooked brunch and no bra and lots of birds and we can make our own damn mimosas.

  2. Good morning Moons! That morning rainstorm sounds cozy as can be.

  3. That sounds so delicious and cozy.

  4. You have made me hungry for biscuits and orange juice. I have never had grits. I see them when I travel sometimes but they look like cream of wheat from my childhood - something I never liked but was forced to eat. The way you describe them, i will give it a try. I woke at 4 am all agitated and uncomfortable and at 8 made some scrambled eggs and soy sausage (I know, not appealing to most but I am not a big meat eater). Then, I went back to bed and slept so well until my cat decided to creep up on me. Now half the day is gone and I feel like I could sleep another couple of hours... And it is a beautiful 75 degrees here!!! Shame on me. The robot word is never. I should listen. Sweet Jo

  5. Beautiful pictures - though the one I like best is the snuggling into the cave of bed while the rain pours down - one of the best feelings in the world.

    I have to get up early and go to work (for 8.30!) tomorrow :(

  6. Ellen Abbott- But one of these days, I really need to get the ingredients to make Eggs Benedict for a Sunday. Really. And then figure out how to make them. I can do that, right?

    Angella- It was a lovely little lagniappe of sleep time. I swear.

    Reya - Hello! Thanks for coming by and commenting. And honey, it sure was.

    Sweet Jo- Soy sausage can be delicious. Grits may be one of those things that you have to grow up with. Have you ever tried polenta? If you have and you liked it, you might like grits. Every time I think about getting a kitten, I think about how cats disturb sleep and I discard the idea. But I know- they can be worth it. I have love more than one cat in my life.

    Jo- I have to get up fairly early tomorrow for a follow-up dental appointment. Good news? I am not freaking out. Bad news? Getting up fairly early.

  7. Those are by far my favorite grits. I have a bag in the cupboard right now, though I do need to get more.

  8. I liked Silver Linings Playbook! I don't remember much about it, I must admit, but I know I liked it.

    I've never been much of a mimosa person. As you said, it's the drinking in the morning -- just not my thing.

  9. I've been wanting to watch silver linings playbook for awhile! I should do that today. I want to see Life of Pi too because the book was so good. I find things late. Well after the hype is long gone. I'm like a reverse-hipster.


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