Thursday, January 23, 2014

Sometimes I Love Humanity

I am now stitch-free. That took about two seconds. Hurray! 
I just have to say that this dentist's entire staff is absolutely wonderful. Every one one of them (and all female except for the doctor) are just as sweet as sweet can be. Reassuring, comforting, professional, and gentle. 
I am grateful. 

After I was through with that tiny chore, I drove over to a friend's house for coffee but I stopped on the way at Whataburger for two breakfast taquitos. This friend and I met while working at a birth center and the Whataburger was about a block away and after a long night's birth, we would sometimes go over and get these delicious and unhealthy taquitos with eggs and sausage and cheese and eat them with the picante sauce that comes in the little plastic tubs and it's a fine memory so I got them for us today. When I paid, the lady in the drive-through window said, "You have a good day, Mama!" 
I loved it! 
None of the ickiness (for me) of being wished a "blessed day" which often happens in these here parts. I mean, it shouldn't be icky. Hell, this is blessourhearts but I am pretty sure that it's meant in the Jesus connotation, not the hearted one in these instances. However, being called "Mama" is just pure goodness to my ears. 

So my friend and I got to sit and chat and eat our taquitos which are as delicious as they ever were and it was wonderful. I'm down to about two friends in this world whom I am not directly related to but they sure are good friends. The best. Liz just returned from the Florida Keys where she was doing work-related things in the wilderness and on the ocean and part of that was participating in a kayak paddling adventure where one of the guys had been part of Diana Nyad's kayak team. HOW COOL IS THAT? I got stories only once removed from the source and let me just say that my belief that Ms. Nyad is the world's greatest athlete has only been confirmed. I cried again today, hearing stories of her incredible endurance and strength and humor. And of her team! 
I sure hope that Diana is working on a book because I want to read it. 

So I'm home now and the boys are coming out soon and once again, my day is full. I hate to admit it, but I do best under those circumstances. 

And I want to add that I am not sure at all that Stephen Gaskin has died. He may still be in the transition phase. If news of his death was premature, I apologize but everything I said about him stands true. I might go get my old copy of Hey Beatnik! This is the Farm Book out and go through its tattered pages once again. 


  1. Is this the dentist that you found after that other dentist was so horrible with Owen? Am I remembering this correctly? If so, well blessed be! And I mean that in the biggest hearted (not jesusy) way!

  2. Angella- This is actually the oral surgeon dentist. The one my dentist sent me to. Yeah, Owen's pediatric dentist fired us. Haha!

  3. I hope you have a great day, mama!

  4. heartinhand- Mama had a pretty good day!

  5. Glad that your mouth is stitch free. Sounds good.

  6. I'm glad you are stitch-free! And I'm glad the news about your friend was premature. :)


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