Thursday, January 23, 2014

These stitches are making me crazy and I am not Bob The Cat so I am going in to see the dentist AGAIN and I have become, obviously, their most needy patient.
I swear.
Anyway, good morning, we slept in huge, sweet, long gulps last night and again, it didn't get nearly as cold as predicted and you just never know, do you?
Later, loves.

Ms. Moon


  1. It's not needy to take care of yourself. Symptoms are the body's way of expressing itself. As a health care professional, I thank you for taking good care of yourself.

  2. Didn't they use dissolving stitches? Ones that would just come out on their own? What kind of torture is that?!

  3. Reya- Oh, I am the WORST about attending to my health care. I have a neurotic fear of all things medical. So this whole incident is a bit of a fluke for me.

    heartinhand- They WERE dissolving but not fast enough.

  4. It has been plenty cold here. Been on the boat so got a little bit frozen in the wind and bitter cold. Back home tonight (Thurs) to a warm house.


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