Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Dental Advice Plus Other Stuff

I am so tired. I'm tired like just come on now please and lift me up and carry me to the bed and lay me down. Pull the covers up around my neck and turn out the light and kiss my cheek and get on with your bad self and let me sleep.
Like that.
You know that ain't gonna happen.
Here's what did happen:
So I went to the dentist and the sweet, sweet little child who is the extremely competent dental assistant angel looked in my mouth and assured me that what I was seeing was not grody grossness but a membrane thing that the doctor put in there and it was all growing back together and it was fine and maybe a little irritated and how many times a day was I doing the salt water rinse? Okay, maybe I was over-doing it. Just a little.
Hey! I'm trying to be an A-student here. I want to win the award for healing, right?
Anyway, I was so damn relieved I had to hug the little fairy-child who wields the dental picks and mirrors and maybe I want to bring her home and adopt her but she appears to be married to someone who bought her a ring with a stone the size of Mr. Rushmore's biggest president's head and she says she has a three-year old so probably not.

I rushed over to Lily's and picked up my grandsons who were full of energy and love and joy and devilment and I drove them here and we played in the bamboo jungle and look! Look what I found! The second Miracle of The Day!

The first little white violet and I almost fell over from the shock of it. 

So yes, we played in the bamboo jungle and I had make-up applied again ("My name is Jeffrey," said Owen as he distributed teal eyeshadow all over my face) and then it was all like, "Let's listen to the Rolling Stones, now watch me run!" and "Let's play the matching game!" and "Let's have a tea party!" and "I'm so hungry!" and "I need juice!" and while all this was going on the dog kept leaving me little puddles of vomit and Gibson learned a new word today which was "puke" and we're lucky it wasn't "Oh Fuck!" That's two words. Whatthefuckever. And water was being spilled and juice, of course, and Owen got his shirt wet and Gibson got dog shit on his Elmo shoes and, well...

So yes, I am tired. Between the Anxiety Red Level Alert which was cut like an electric line when a tree falls on it, the walk I took this morning to try and control the anxiety, the boys, the laundry, the puke, the sweeping, the...oh fuck. You know. 
Hell, I am old. 
I am so old. 
And I am so tired. 

Now it's time to cook dinner and clean up the detritus and I know for sure there's another puddle of puke in there because I just saw it a minute ago. Mr. Moon is in the deer stand down the road and he'll be back and oh, how I just want to lay down and rest but no, not yet. 

Those new sheets may suck but I'm going to sleep like a beast on them tonight. And it's going to get down to 27 degrees or some obscene number and it's going to be cold for days. No polar vortex this time, just winter but dammit, I saw that violet, it's standing there in the side yard, the bravest little violet in the neighborhood, and before you know it, it'll be time to kick the bamboo again. 
Until then, stay warm and let's all get some rest. 
And hey- twice a day on the salt water rinse is plenty. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. The little boys I know say GODDAMMIT all the time and their mother just says "just don't say it at school. You're going to get kicked out of school" so for when he's in public he has to say "barnacles" or "Crumbs" which I sometimes like better than goddammit. Though goddammit is a good one.
    I'm so glad your tooth is better and all is well and your boys are growing growing!

  2. Lots of bodily functions going on. LOL on Owen with the eye makeup all over his face. Thought that maybe he was trying to be Keef for a moment.

  3. So glad your tooth-itis was nothing after all. I had a terrible infection post-wisdom teeth extraction (note to self: DON'T DO THAT SHIT WHEN YOU'RE IN YOUR THIRTIES) and it flattened me with panic and pain. And that violet just fills my heart with hope and SERIOUSLY. Why do we have dogs? Jonah loves them but the puke and the piss and the getting in the garbage and the eating of plastic bags and plastic dinosaurs and tampons and generally being so goddamn needy--ugh.

    And maybe Owen and Gibson will say, someday, what Jonah does to me: Mom [or MerMer] don't say fuck, say you're frustrated.

    And you can laugh like a crazy woman, which is what I do.

  4. I wish your head hits your pillow early tonight. And that anxiety fucks off.

  5. We've had the strongest winds here today! The snow melted a whack, but three people died on the nearby highways from wind related interference.
    My teeth still hurt but my dentist is in the city and I'm not driving. As long as ibuprofen keeps it at bay, it can't be too serious right?

  6. I say you throw those new sheets in the trash can if they suck, and you can't take them back. Life is too short, my very favorite Mary Moon, to sleep on shitty sheets.

    That made me smile about the child dentist :)

  7. Rachel- Well, children should be old enough to know when and where to curse before they start cursing. That's theory, at least. Those boys will learn to say Fuck and maybe I'll be the one to teach them but not quite yet. Sigh...

    Syd- No- he puts it all on MY face. He has no interest in putting it on his any more. Gibson does, however.

    Sara- Teeth! Goddamn them! When they go bad, that is. I love your little boy.
    The day my old dogs die is going to be the best day of my life. Last night my husband was giving them chicken scraps and I said, "Give them the splintery bones! Do it!"
    He didn't.

    Birdie- Anxiety fairly okay. Going to bed very soon.

    heartinhand- Yes! You merely have an ibuprofen deficiency.

    SJ- I may throw those sheets away. Or keep them to cover plants with. Whatever.
    That dental assistant girl can't be fourteen years old. I swear.

  8. i am glad that all is well and you are the kind of tired that will sleep well even on those sheets. you know, your whole system is still healing, which means today was a full day by anyone's lights, but plumb exhausting for you, even if you are superwoman. i love you.

  9. Well, I'm glad the grossocity turned out to be nothing. What's wrong with the new sheets??

    I love the white violet! Thanks for that little harbinger of spring, even if it IS awfully early. :)

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  11. Re. SJ's comment above: "Life's too short to sleep on shitty sheets" is a good tongue-twister!

  12. I'm glad your dental check up was good. About those sheets, I agonized for weeks over buying new sheets, and I got mine at costco, high thread count and all that. They felt like fiberglass the first few nights to me, so itchy, I couldn't use the pillow. My husband thought I was insane, but I am the princess and the pea personified. But I am cheap at heart so I just kept washing them. The instructions said cold water - ? and I did that the first time, but the second and third, hot as hell and lots of softener. Now they are just the way I imagined them to be, all those loose microscopic pointy fibers gone and I have one less thing to complain about. I hope you get yours broken in, or get ones that lull you to sleep.
    And that little violet made me smile, my favorite wildflower. Thanks.

  13. Angella- I felt SO good day before yesterday and I think I overdid and then yes, again, a lot and you know? I AM still healing. It just feels so wonderful to WANT to do things. You know?
    Believe me- I am not superwoman. I am Barely Adequate Woman!

    Steve Reed- They don't feel soft, those sheets. The annoy me all night long. Wasn't that little violet darling? It's probably dead this morning.

    Mel- Dang. I'm the princess and the pea as well. Another thing we have in common. Thanks for the advice. I've got the sheets in the washer as we speak. On hot. With lots of fabric softener. We shall see.

  14. oh, the violets. I miss those. haven't yet got them moved from the city out here. don't even know if I still have any in the city since the yard has changed so much since I don't take care of it anymore and son tends to ignore it.

    and don't feel crazy about the dentist thing. I got a filling replaced and the next day I was convinced it had fallen out as the hole in my tooth was very deep as I felt around it with my tongue. called the dentist, went it to have it checked, and yes, the new filling was still there.

    and pretty soon Gibson will come out with those two words.

  15. I wanted to take a nap myself after reading all that you'd gotten up to. But I do hope you get the sheet business straightened out. I can whether just about anything as long as I know I have a comfortable bed wating for me at the end of the day.

  16. Ellen Abbott- We can deceive ourselves in so many ways, can't we? Yes. Gibson will learn. It's inevitable.

    Nancy- Yes. Exactly. For me too.


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