Thursday, February 20, 2020

We Go To The Doctor

Another trip to town this morning, this time to go with Jessie and the boys to the doctor. They had an appointment for Levon to get his two-year old check-up and for both boys to get some vaccinations. There was a mix-up about the time and when we got to the office at ten, they told us to go away and come back at eleven.
So we drove over to a nearby coffee shop that has toys and books and Jessie and I got lattes and the boys got juice and we all shared a nice, toasty bagel with cream cheese. The boys played and soon it was time to go back to the doctor.
This doctor is so sweet. He never pushes anything.
"Would you like to discuss vaccinations?" he asked today after the check-up. Jessie's had her boys get their immunizations on schedule and she wanted to continue that but it was respectful of the doctor to not just assume. He also blew up an exam glove and put a face on it and gave it to Levon to play with while he and Jessie were talking.
Levon needed two shots and so did August. August had gotten a flu shot last fall and he was full of bravado because he claimed it had not hurt one bit. Being the honest mother that Jessie is, she told him that some shots hurt a little worse than others but it's never as bad as a bee sting because once it's done, it's done. Levon went first and it was as awful as it ever is. Not really awful but that sudden wail and that look that says, "You've betrayed me! Mother, you have betrayed me!"
She took him in her arms and gave him some mommy milk and it was August's turn so I held his hands. I knew he was nervous, despite his brave words because he kept saying, "Mer, I want to tell you something."
But the moment had come and they have three nurses to do the shots. One to hold legs, the other two to give the injections. August wanted to watch and so he did and he did not cry although afterwards he told me that it had hurt. More than a pinch. But he was fine.

And that was that.
We were supposed to meet Hank and Rachel for lunch at El Patron but Jessie decided that she would just take the boys to get a Wendy's kid meal to treat them for being brave and dropped me off at my car. I met my boy and his girl and another friend and we had a good lunch. Then on to Costco and Publix where Lily was working so I got to see her too. We discussed her kids coming to spend the night with us tomorrow and when I asked her what they would like for supper she said, "Barbecued chicken in the oven? Macaroni and cheese?"
And so that's what we will be having.
And broccoli. Which Maggie loves.

It is raining. The frogs are making their shrill whistle. The temperature is dropping. When I left the house this morning it was spring and by the time I was on my last stop at Publix this afternoon the weather had changed enough that I felt silly in my Croc flip-flops until I looked around and noticed that I was hardly the only woman wearing inadequate shoes. The forecast calls for it to be in the high thirties tonight, the low thirties tomorrow night.
Oh, Florida! Make up your mind!

I have bread "rising". Somehow I have lost my touch or else my starter needs some sort of rejuvenation. The last several loaves have been disappointing in their rise. I believe I may be making the dough up too far in advance of when I want to bake it. I shall experiment but meanwhile, tonight's loaf will be one of those but-it-tastes-good! offerings. Hell, what doesn't taste good with butter on it?
I better get back to that and there is also laundry to fold, a smoothie to make for tomorrow, a dishwasher to unload, the rest of the supper to make.

Let's all be brave. Let's all rest well tonight.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. how is your daughter doing on her elimination diet? i've been doing a modified version and girl all i am now is HUNGRY.


    1. It only lasted six weeks so she's off of it now. I'm not sure that it made much difference. She did lose a lot of weight though. Not that she needed to.

  2. How sweet that August has stepped over into the big people world of getting over and getting on.

  3. My bread hasn't been rising as much either and I wondered if I was doing something wrong. If you figure it out, let me know.

    Glad they survived their needles.

    1. We all survive the needles even though it can be scary.

  4. Happy the jabs were not too painful. The sight of little kids crying tears me up.I had some chef=baked bread with dinner and thought of you.

    1. I hope your bread was good! Mine did actually turn out to be delicious so there was that...
      Children crying is the worst.

  5. I was always very honest with my kids about anything that was going to hurt or any procedure that might seems even a little bit scary. I would tell them exactly what was going to happen and how much, if any, pain was involved and most of all the why it had to be done. the first time at the dentist who did not allow parents back in the room with their kids, the dentist was not happy that I insisted on telling them what he was going to do after he came out to talk to me after the initial looksee.

    typical spring weather here. I call it yo yo weather because it flips back and forth from spring to winter about every three days. we are currently experiencing winter with some of the coldest weather we've had, down in the 30s. of course because I took all my succulents and other small tenders back outside a few days ago.

    1. I think honesty is the best way. That's the only way they know to trust us.
      Our weather is much the same but it sure is beautiful. I hope your succulents and tenders survived!

  6. Wow! You're getting a cold snap! I guess I shouldn't be surprised because it IS still February, but somehow the winter seems to have slipped past us entirely.

    I'm impressed at how well August behaved getting a shot. I remember seriously flipping out at the doctor's office when they wanted to give me a shot -- and I was a few years older than August is now.

    1. I was the WORST when it came to getting shots. I was hysterical when it came time to get my flu shots. Truly hysterical. I fought off the doctor, a nurse, and my mother. This may have something to do with my medical neurosis now.


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