Wednesday, February 26, 2020

I couldn't sleep for shit last night.
First off, I hurt.
Secondly, I kept being so mad because my hair was so dirty.
I must have some sort of early-illness psychosis. First I need to make a pie then I need to wash my hair.
But I tell you what- first thing I did when I got up was take a shower and wash my hair.

I had three goals today:
1. Wash hair.
2. Finish laundry.
3. Find crochet hook.

I managed all three things.
Hugely successful day.

For awhile, after I took some Ibuprofen I felt okay. Like I'm-not-dying okay. I crocheted and watched a movie. The movie wasn't very good.
Then I went back to bed and when I woke up I felt like shit again.

Okay. This is crazy. I was straightening up my bed to get it ready to get back in it when it occurred to me that it would be so sweet for August to send me one of the funny little emojis that he sometimes sends. Not very often. But sometimes.
I had a text.
It was a little bear and a heart that said "I love you." From August.
The thought had to have occurred to me just as he was picking it out.
Here's a picture of him that Jessie sent. He had to get blood drawn at a lab for allergy testing. He was very brave.

That's all I have to report. And don't worry. I am staying hydrated. And Maurice has been taking care of me. When she isn't spilling my blood. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. That August guy is proud of being brave. I'm proud of him, too.

  2. one never sleeps worth shit when ill.....or getting ill. I can only hope you sleep well tonight and feel much improved tomorrow.
    Susan M

  3. Wishing you some peaceful sleep. I hope you feel better soon.

  4. Hope you can sleep tonight and that you're feeling better soon. The flu sucks.

  5. Feel better and hopefully sleep good!

  6. Hope that you feel better today. It is snowing here at the moment in Harpenden UK. Hoping it will stop soon as we are supposed to be seeing pals for lunch about half an hour away! Also, the dog needs to go out and I don't want to slip on the pavement ( sidewalk!!) xx

  7. You and August are on a wavelength! I hope you feel better soon. Getting some rest (and a shower!) will no doubt help. Keep popping that ibuprofen!

  8. I've had that happen on occasion. usually with a friend. I would think of him one day and about three days later I'd get a letter in the mail. that August is a delightful creature.

  9. I remember when sleep was dependable and great and refreshing. Now it's a bear I thrash with every night. Sometimes it comes upon me and overtakes me and other nights, we wrassle for hours and I wonder how I'm getting through the next day on 1/2 hour. Even naps are troublesome. I fervently hope you are not getting sick on top of it all.

    Love you forever.


  10. Hope you start feeling better soon. I think just the act of washing your hair/taking a shower makes you feel better anyway doesn't it.

  11. Hot steamy water in a shower is very theraputic. Glad Maurice is taking care of you, our familiars always seem to know when we're not feeling well.


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