Friday, June 7, 2019

Oh Lord


Breakfast. Excellent. 

Many hours of reading. Happiness. 

I can’t even. Alabama. Yes. But they sell jeans and shoes that fit my man. Also- Birkenstock’s. It’s a crazy fucking world, y’all. 

No. This is not the last little whorehouse in Texas. It’s a B&B in Birmingham, Alabama. I seriously doubt I’ll be eating breakfast with the other guests. I know where the nearest Waffle House is. 

My supper. We somehow managed to score a table at what is supposedly Birmingham’s finest dining establishment. You know what I learned? I am a damn fine cook. And martinis made in my kitchen are superior to those made in fancy bars. Also? Some servers need to check their damn attitude. 

My feet. Reflected in a highly polished copper sink/sculpture  in the ladies room of the restaurant. It was interesting but highly impractical. Also? The ladies was upstairs. No visible accommodations for disabilities or handicaps. 

The...WHAT THE HELL IS THIS THING? hanging over our bed. It’s a little scary. 

We won’t even discuss the chandelier. 

But we’re having fun. 

I’ll try and report in tomorrow. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Well, I won't be visiting there...I'm sorry the restaurant doesn't live up to its supposed reputation, and yes, that is a weird over the bed thing...Get home quick!

  2. I believe you Are a damn fine cook, reading what you make. And I've sometimes had that same experience--a really fancy meal doesn't please me as much as some of the things I make. I guess it doesn't surprise me that much any more; I cook to please myself, after all, and it's good that I sometimes succeed.

  3. That bedroom does look like a room in a whorehouse, at least what I imagine a whorehouse to look like:)

    I'm a terribly picky eater and a good cook, so we seldom go out for fancy meals. I can do better at home.

    I wasn't sure what no dipping meant but with the no spit cups, I'm guessing it has something to do with tobacco. Yuck.

    Hope you have a good time

  4. Whoa, that bedroom! And I know you are a damn fine cook. Dont you hate when you go to a ridiculously expensive establishment and the servers have an attitude. If it were my restaurant, for the price people are paying, I'd instruct the servers to make them feel like family, no matter who or what. Glad you're having fun.

  5. I guess that thing hanging over the bed is supposed to make you feel like royalty, maybe even the whole bedroom. and sometimes fancy meals are just fancy because they are served in a fancy place.

  6. Oh dear, that bedroom!
    We never eat out, mostly because Mr. Man can not eat anything but even I am a better cook than most restaurants around here, and I am a lousy cook. Glad you are having fun, glad that it is a quick trip!

  7. It looks like you're having a ball! I love that over-the-top room. Bordello-like hotel rooms with threateningly plush bed canopies always make for a good travel story, LOL! That martini LOOKS good, anyway. The sign above the door at the jeans store reminds me of all our library rules. (Spit cups aren't an issue, but food and drinks definitely are.)

  8. Servers with bad attitudes... so did you leave a tip? In England, I only leave tips if I am happy with the service. It is not essential that we leave tips here.


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