Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Just Stuff

I waited until way-too-late o'clock to take my walk today but it turned out that the timing was pretty good because I met a sweet little dog who appeared to be out adventuring. I checked her tag and there was a name and a number on it, as well as her name, which was Ren.

Since this is modern times, I could just take my phone out of my pocket where it had been reading me an audio book and called the number of Brett, the supposed human of this particular dog. He answered and yes, it was his dog and he'd realized he'd left the door open and had been on his way home from Monticello to find her when I called. 
Ren walked home with me and Brett came and got her.
She was a pretty little thing and followed right along with me and I thought about how dogs are so conditioned to obey humans that they'll even obey a complete stranger. Dogs are not cats, y'all. I suppose you have noticed this.
Brett was a nice guy and he liked my yard. We talked a little bit about gardening. He's just learning and I wish I'd had more to offer him in the way of advice but I don't. At least half the time I have no idea what I'm doing and that's just a fact, even after all these years digging in the dirt. Forty or more years, actually, and I've never felt like I have much of a clue.

I tried to work outside some after my walk, speaking of dirt. That lasted for maybe an hour. It's just too hot and humid and thankfully, a rainstorm came and I had a good excuse to come back into the air-conditioning where I stood in front of the TV and watched Tales of the City and ironed. I do highly recommend that series.

I got to see Owen and Gibson and Maggie and Jason today, albeit briefly. They came by on their way to go fishing. They needed to borrow a few of Boppy's fishing things. As Lily said they had a jug of water, a bag of chips, one fishing pole, and a tackle box from Jason's childhood. She also said that Jason was brave and maybe slightly delusional about how this was going to go. The kids sure were excited. Maggie had the little monkey woman doll I made for her and she was so thrilled to show it to me. "You made it for me!" she said. It was a cute doll. I had forgotten that I gave it substantial eyebrows to match Maggie's.

And now it's evening and it's still raining. I let the baby chicks go outside the coop today and I hope they're all okay. I'll go check in a little while.

None of my pictures will upload tonight. Our internet has been shit ever since they got it back on. It's better than dial-up used to be but not by a whole lot.
And I'm just feeling cranky.
Sort of mean.
Regretful. Self-hating. Guilty, shame-based. Anxious. All the usual stuff.
I don't know what's wrong with me but I need to snap out of it.

I've made Granny M's eggplant casserole out of the beautiful, gorgeous, shiny eggplant that I picked today. I've talked about Granny M. before. Sometimes we called her Mrs. Matthews but mainly, she was Granny M. and she taught me about half of what I know when it comes to cooking just from watching her shuffle around a kitchen wearing a negligee with a cigarette firmly held between her lips, cutting up this, adding a pinch of that, mixing up a bowl of something else before she poured it into a skillet and baked it. I loved that woman and I think of her more often than you'd think for someone who wasn't really related to me at all.
The rain is still falling, but gently.
There are clean, ironed shirts in the closet.
Whatever it is that I'm feeling or going through or imagining will pass eventually.

We persevere, don't we?
Yes. Mostly we do.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I wonder if, when "it passes" you still will iron sheets by.hand! My grandmother did them on the mangle when I was a preschooler, and I wondered about that.
    I do hope Jason's fishing expedition was a success and leads to his gear being augmented to accommodate his entourage.
    And, could we have the eggplant casserole recipe? In the olden days when I cooked, I made one often, which my girls called EP casserole so a friend would not have the knee jerk reaction to "eggplant, euewweee". So they liked it, so it must have been OK, but I don't recall one thing in it.

    1. I don't iron sheets. I sort of wish I had a device called a "mangle" though.
      I hear that the fishing trip yielded nothing but turtles. None were harmed, I'm sure.
      I will indeed give my recipe for eggplant casserole. Granny Mathews would be thrilled. And yes- this recipe is often eaten and enjoyed very much by people who do not like eggplant until they find out what it is. Weird, huh?

  2. I hope the kids enjoyed fishing. Sweet dreams to you.

    1. They like doing anything out of the ordinary, I think. Especially with their daddy.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you! I am thinking of you on your trip.

  4. I swear that toxic idiot in the white house is poisoning the very air. We're all a bit out of sorts. Sending love my sweet friend.

    1. That's got to be part of it, doesn't it? It's so never-endingly horrible.
      Love back to you.

  5. reminds me of the time Marc wanted to take Mikey fishing at the park but their dad wouldn't let him unless he took all the kids so I went along to to help manage, they were all younger than Gibson and when fish didn't get caught the minute bait hit the water boredom set in so we explored the park instead.

  6. Ha! I can only imagine. I think there was probably park exploring yesterday too. And Mr. Moon learned that lesson awhile back- he doesn't even take TWO at once.

  7. I was feeling all kinds of out of sorts yesterday. I blame it on going to the mall (which I LOATHE) to shop for a dress and shoes and accessories to wear to the wedding this weekend. I hate shopping. The worst part was how shitty I feel about myself when I see myself in dressing room mirrors. The lighting is really unforgiving when you're fat. And also, in spite of weeks of diligent work to get the eczema on my ankles under control so I won't draw comments and stares from people when I'm wearing a dress and sandals, the skin is still reddish brown and scarred looking. The lighting in the dressing rooms really showed it, and I had thought the appearance had gotten much better. Ugh. So after a few hours of hating my body I came home and took a nap. It didn't help a lot, to be honest.

    The little dog that followed you home sounds adorable! :) I've had cats before (and know a few really sweet ones) but nothing beats the love of a dog.

  8. I bet you made that guy's day, finding his dog. I know the one time Olga escaped her dog walker we were SO relieved when she was returned to us.


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