Friday, June 21, 2019

Martinis Also Make Things More Better

Jessie and her children and Lily and her children were going to come out today for a good-bye pizza party which is why I bought a bunch of frozen pizzas yesterday. It turned out, however, that a repairman was scheduled to be at Jessie's at noon so we all went to her house and I took the pizzas with me for Jessie to bake in her oven. The kids had so much fun. Lily's three love playing with August and Levon and their toys and as you can see, Doctor Gibson was giving August a shot after an exam. Maggie gave me a check-up as well and I have to tell you that even that made me a little anxious although the glasses she was wearing that came with the doctor kit (we all know that all doctors wear glasses because they are all brilliant and brilliant people wear glasses, right?) made her look so dang cute that I almost couldn't stand it. Gibson and Owen are both so good with the younger ones and Maggie is in love with Levon and he loves her. August thinks that Gibson and Owen are the coolest dudes on the planet and the big boys truly appreciate and enjoy his adoration so it all works out very well.
Boppy came by for a short visit and a few pieces of pizza before he left to go fishing. There was a dance party going on for a little while and Gibson was going to show us his Irish Riverdancing style but Owen made a snide remark about how the entire house would shake which led to Gibson hiding as best he could under August's bed.
Here he is being comforted a little later by his mother.

"Your brother's a butt," said Lily. That cheered Gibson up tremendously. 
And in the interest of fairness I will add that all brothers can be butts even if they are precious people whose MerMers adore them. 

Finally it became apparent that Jessie really needed for us to leave so that she could get things done in preparation for their journey to North Carolina. Lily offered to keep the boys tomorrow which caused huge celebratory cheers from all of the kids except for Levon who was clueless about what that means but he'll have a good time too. Plans were made concerning swimming in the little pool and perhaps nap-taking on Gibson's bed and the menu was discussed. Chicken nuggets will be served, I think. 
It was damn hard for me to tear myself away from my youngest daughter and her boys. Levon was happy to give me a kiss and August told me again that he will not forget my name. He also said that yes, he was going to have a wonderful time on the mountain with his other cousins and other grandmother and grandfather but that it would be "more better" if Boppy and I came to visit. 
I told him that we would. 
What lucky children these boys are to be able to experience the beautiful place where their daddy grew up and all of the love associated with that. 
And I know it. 
I finally finished saying my good-byes and got in my car and drove to Joanne's Fabrics where I bought a pattern and some fabric to make Maggie two new dresses. 

The mermaid material. I think Maggie will like this a lot.

A very soft and breathable sort-of-gingham which frankly, I would like a dress made of. Not as fun as the mermaids but I am sure it will be more comfortable. 

I need a project I can do inside because this heat is absolutely intolerable. 
I just went out a few moments ago to pick the garden and gather the eggs and even that short of a time out in the heat made me want to smack god in the head. Also, the ant bites I got while going through the cucumber vines didn't help. I feel so sorry for the chickens with all of their feathers. Summer is hard on them and I expect the number of eggs I get to decrease in this heat. 
Here's a picture of Darla and the babies who are growing up nicely. 

They've been doing fine outside of the coop. Darla hasn't let them get very far away from it in their scratching and exploring. Every day the boundaries get a little tiny bit further out but it's a process. She is such a good mother. Last night, instead of returning to their baby coop to sleep, she ushered them into the hen house to sleep with the rest of the flock. That girl knows what she's doing. 

And so. Well. It would appear that we almost went to war last night. If what Trump says is true- that he 86'ed the attack due to not feeling right about killing a possible 150 people for the downing of an unmanned drone, I have to say that it would be the very first thing I've heard which makes him sound like a human being. 
I seriously doubt that's the reason. If he had any respect for human life at all, children would not be sleeping under tinfoil in cages on the border. 
And then there's the news that E. Jean Carroll has accused the president of raping her back in the nineties which doesn't surprise anyone at all. How incredibly bizarre is it that this story has not been met with absolute stunned shock? Instead it's like, "Oh yeah. Sounds like something Trump would do."
How in the everloving fuck have we gotten here?
This man would not get through the hiring process to be the custodian at a school. And yet- almost half of the voters in this country jumped at the chance to vote for the vile dickwad. 

You want to know what is making me smile tonight?

The Stones are going to open their USA tour tonight in Chicago and that's Mick, doing the final walk-through before showtime. Three months ago he had heart surgery. He will be seventy-six years old next month. I bet you anything that Keith Richards cannot wipe the smile off his face as he gets ready to go onstage. 

Q: It’s often said that being in a band is like being married to a bunch of people at the same time. What’s the state of the Stones marriage after 50 years?
A: (Laughs). We’re still deciding who’s Mr. and Mrs.

He also said, "What else would I be doing?" when asked if he'd anticipated doing another tour
in 2019. 

Well, I see that copying and pasting has once again changed my whole set-up here so I'll just get on with my life and let you get on with yours. 

Happy Friday, y'all. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Your grands are fortunate to have two sets of loving grandparents who get along and visit. As for the Stones, they show us that life can still be fun no matter what. I have nothing polite to say about he of the orange hair. Sweet dreams to you.

    1. Actually, those kids have THREE sets of loving grandparents. Each and every person in the group unique and able to give the boys different perspectives and love. And skills. Pretty cool.
      You know how I feel about the Stones. They're still here. They're still doing what they love. It's a sort of reassurance for me.

  2. I didn't read the interview. That snippet is SO Mick J. What else would he be doing!

    1. Actually, it was Keith who said that! Sounds like it was a great concert and that Mick didn't hold back a bit.

  3. glad you had time with Jessie and grands prior to departure, I know how much you will miss them. Mick......lordy- he never gets old (neither does your Keith)....... the mermaid fabric for Miss Maggie's dress is divine........ as are you, and the beautiful cookies you made for Mr Moon yesterday. You rock it every day
    Susan M

    1. I love how the Stones have let their faces be. Mick may have the body of a twenty-year old but that face shows a lot of life. And I never thought Keith was beautiful in the least until he got that face of age. Now I just think he's gorgeous.
      Isn't the mermaid fabric fun?
      I sure don't feel like I rock it every day but as Keith says, It's not the rock, it's the roll, and if I can keep up with that, I'll be okay.
      (Those cookies did rock though. Seriously.)

  4. Was that why Justin Trudeau was in DC yesterday, unscheduled? I bet he talked Trump out of launching that strike and starting a war. Your babies are all adorable.

    1. One never knows. Frankly I think he got a call from Putin.

  5. I'm woefully behind here but gather that the Jessie/Virgil family are off to NC for the summer. I know ya'll are going to miss that darling family! I'm still so bummed about not being able to go to the Stones -- Oliver and I will be checking him into his dorm room in Arizona. Such a huge bummer, other than Oliver will make a bit of money selling the tickets.

    1. WHAT???!!!
      Girl, you take those tickets and GO TO THAT CONCERT! I mean it! Okay, buy Oliver's ticket from him at the Mom Discount (meaning no mark-up) and take someone else with you. Please...

  6. yay for chickens, yay for 70+ yr old rockers and I don't mean chairs, yay for two sets of wonderful grandparents, and boo hiss for that horrible man in the White House. he only stopped the strike because someone convinced him it would look bad for his re-election campaign. he doesn't give a shit how many people would have died. he doesn't give a shit about the conditions children are being subjected to in these American concentration camps.

    1. I'm sure he had some nefarious reason for stopping that strike. Humanitarianism just isn't his thing, is it?

  7. What the heck has Keith done to his hair???

  8. I agree about Trump -- that was the first decision he's made that I can respect. (Although as you said he may not have been upfront about all the reasons.)

    I love the mermaid fabric!

    1. Oh, and I think brothers are pretty much REQUIRED by the universe to be butts at one time or another. (I say this as a brother myself.)

  9. Hi Ms.Moon, It has been forever since I have checked in. I lost your blog about 6 months ago and was going thru some files on my phone and your blog popped right on up... Hooray! I have it booked marked on my computer now.
    I am so glad I found you!

    I am so happy that the summer vacation is happening. I had not seen my grandkids, daughter or son in law in 3 years. They came for 6 weeks and I loved every second... (Mostly) lol.

    I cannot stand Trump or his administration. One thing that he is consistent with is his Lies... My mom always said if I can't say anything nice about some one I should shut up haha... so I am shutting up because I truly cannot think of anything nice to say about him... :) Have a wonderful day... Beth Reed


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