Thursday, June 27, 2019

A Bit Of A Melancholy But Fine, Really

Well, yet another irony in that I woke up this morning with one side of my throat extremely sore and not feeling very well at all.
I did some chores around here and then went to Lily's and we drove to town to go to Target to get the rest of the things Owen needed for camp. Underwear and bug spray and other things of great importance were purchased and then we went to a Jason's Deli for lunch. I had to laugh at the children's choices. Owen wanted the salad bar, Gibson got a kid pizza, and Maggie wanted a bowl of cream of broccoli soup.
The girl loves her broccoli.
And then I came home and did a few more chores and took a little nap and now it's time to make supper and I still don't feel very well although my throat isn't sore anymore.

Tomorrow Lily and Jason will drive Owen to his camp which is a few hours south of here. I need to get the card I bought him in the mail tomorrow so that he gets it before camp is over. He was a little bit emotional today and I understand that. Not only is he leaving home for five days but also he's just at the age when hormones and life are starting to shift on him. He's getting so tall so quickly. He's sweet to his MerMer though and he wore his Rolling Stones T-shirt today because he knows I love it. He knows I love him. I'm pretty sure he knows it to his bones.
I hope they all do, these grandchildren of mine.
It has been such a gift to me to be able to keep records here of their births and their early lives. Of their developmental milestones, of the funny and profound things they've done and said, not to mention the pictures. If there is any reason at all that I would hope that this blog doesn't someday just disappear into the ether it's that I want them to know how much I have loved them since before they were born, how much their lives mean to me, how very, very much their grandfather and I have loved them.

The world may be going to hell but there is still love and there is still caring.
So much of both.

I'm going to go make our supper now. Not a good evening for me and writing.
Hopefully, tomorrow will be better and this sense of melancholy will have drifted away like the storm clouds did this afternoon as I hurried to get the clothes off the line.
It never did rain. But that's okay.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Our storm here was around 1 AM with lots of lightening and thunder...I hope Owen has a good time and that you feel better quickly. Heat tires a person.

    1. Life in general tires me out. Heat makes it worse, doesn't it?
      Glad you got a good storm. I'm looking forward to the next one we get.

  2. I'm feeling just a bit melancholy tonight, too.I think it needs to rain, all over the land.

  3. It's much the same, here on the left coast. The Melancholy is battling it out with The Irritability.

  4. Mary, you are the most excellent grandmother I have ever had the privilege to "know". Your grandchildren are so very fortunate to have been born into your wonderful family with all that love and you as the matriarch. And yes, I think they know that deep to the bone and especially in their hearts. Neither of my grandmothers were good examples of what a grandmother should be. One was very distant and far away. The other domineering and did not show love or affection. So I have been reading and learning from you over the years, just knowing that your example is the kind of grandmother I wanted to be. Two years ago I finally got to experience it all for myself and now I know the truth of all you have been saying here. What a gift this child has been in our lives. Three years after losing our son, this little spark of light came and led my husband and me out of a deep, dark place with her presence. Sure there is still sadness but the joy of little Lyla has profoundly changed everything and brought happiness back into our lives. I know you understand. Just wanted to say thank you again for sharing your life and love with us. It has meant so much to me.
    Angie D

    1. Angie- that touched my heart so much. I am so glad that you are getting the chance to open your heart in the most pure way I know. Nothing can open us to happiness again like loving a grandchild. I have a feeling that you would be the sort of grandmother that you always wanted and needed without ever having read a word about my experiences but I am so glad you've been here. Thank you for those words.
      And love to you and your husband and that precious little girl.

  5. I'm sorry you're not feeling so great. Hopefully this will pass soon -- the sore throat, I mean, but the melancholy too of course. I can sympathize with Owen about "camp anxiety." I always used to get so nervous before having to go away to camp. But it always turned out to be a lot of fun in the end -- so tell him that!

  6. This blog will be a treasure to your grandchildren. Owen in particular, as the first, will see in real time how gobsmacked you were to discover the magic of grandchildren, and he was the one who opened that door for you. I love to think of him at camp. He will have a wonderful time. Maybe he's like you and me, though, always nervous BEFORE.


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