Thursday, July 26, 2018

Small Bump In The Road

Have you ever seen a more seductive flamingo? All day she floats around the pool, simply begging us with her big black eyes and innocently tucked beak to come and join her in the blue water she calls home.
We did, but it took a while to get there.

So let me ask you- when you're packing for a trip what's the absolute one thing that you really should not forget?
Not sunscreen.
Not your clothes.
Not your hairbrush or make-up or deodorant or shoes or books or magazines or martini glasses or toothbrush or shampoo.
You can get all of that stuff almost anywhere you are.

Nope. What you really should not forget are your medications.
Which of course is what I forgot.
I packed them. And all of the supplements we take. And my hormones. I packed them in a bag. I was so proud of myself for putting them all in one place. So organized.
And then, somehow, the bag did not make into the car.
I realized this last night as we were swimming in the lion pool under the almost-full moonlight and even though I was in the best of situations in every cosmic and practical sense of it all, I was still a bit disturbed.

Ay yi.

But, thanks to the magic of the Publix Pharmacy network, I was able to get what I needed today even though it took some communication with my doctor's office and it was a bit of a hassle and a time-waster but you know- vacation. Let it roll. Let it go. Be all Zen and go with the flow.
It worked out.

We went to breakfast this morning after getting up, um, later than usual.
"No one's going to serve us breakfast this late in the day," said my husband as we drove up Highway 1.
"Honey!" I said. "The name of the place is the Ham and Egg!"
"Oh. Okay," he said, and sure enough if that place is open, you can get breakfast.
And it was good.
The servers there are all older women, some older than me, and they know what they're doing and they are professionals and the folks in the kitchen know what they're doing too.
You can't beat that.

Mr. Moon got his hair cut while we were waiting on my prescriptions. The name of the place was "The Hair Cuttery."
I am not kidding.
The girl cutting his hair did a good job and she was proud of herself.
"Look!" she said to me when I came in. "This cut has just taken years off of him!"
Which was sweet but also fucking ageist.
"He always looks young to me," I told her. I went over and kissed him in the chair. "He's my sweetheart."

And he is. I love getting away with this man. He IS my sweetheart and my friend and we make each other laugh so much.

Flo's a happy flamingo. And a coy flamingo. 

Besides eating breakfast and getting medications and swimming in the pool, we also visited a Goodwill and a thrift shop. 
Look what I got at the Goodwill. 

Ten of the absolutely softest and most gorgeous yellow and white damask napkins you've ever touched or seen in your life. I've already washed them and we'll be using them tomorrow. 
Not impressed?
Oh well. 
I love them tremendously. I love them so much I'd sew them all together and make a gown out of them and wear it to meet the queen. 

I also found the espresso maker I've been looking for at the Methodist thrift store for ten bucks. I hope it works.

So we did all of that and of course I wallowed in nostalgia everywhere we went. 

The courtyard of this place that I first saw as a child when it was in ruins over fifty years ago.

And for supper we drove down to Ozzie's crab shack where things like this happen upstairs. 

And where downstairs it becomes plainly obvious that karaoke is the Japanese revenge for WW II. 
Not to be glib but come on. 

And back to Roseland just in time for this. 

And this.

Time for some mango shortcake which is the best cake I think I've ever eaten in my life. 
And then bed. 

More adventures tomorrow. 
I hope some involve Flo Mingo. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Great napkins - I have napkin envy.

  2. OMG. The words describing Flo. made me laugh so hard. She is a bit of a chippy, isn’t she? A chippy is what my grandma and her sisters called hookers or prostitutes Oh, dear. Is that politically incorrect calling them hookers? Anyway, that flamingo could play a part in the soft porn industry.

    I am glad that you got your medications. Take me off my hormones and in 3 days later I would end up on Live PD.

    Bride stoned.... FYI

    1. Your Live PD comment had me laughing so loud I woke my dog up!

  3. I used to get mine cut at a Hair Cuttery when I lived in DC! Me and Mr Moon — a couple of trendsetters:). Always here and reading. Love you. SJ

  4. Years ago my hubby and I decided to surprise our daughter and son-in-law with a weekend getaway. While they were at work I went and got their two young kids at the daycare as planned, packed them both a bag, and when they stopped by our house we sent them on their way with their bags. Nine months later our (now 16-year-old) grandson was born. I forgot to pack her BC pills. Our daughter still jokingly tells people that her dad and I are the reason she got pregnant.

  5. you are having the perfect holiday, with a charity shop involved, can't beat it with a stick!

  6. That was the best bedtime story. Thank you for all the pretty pictures, too!

  7. Taking it all in stride and insisting on enjoying your time with your life love. I like all of it.

  8. if it makes you feel better i went to a teacher workshop the other day and brought the wrong i had two choices. walk in with a wife beater on (that's probably not PC either) or wear my fashionable elbow length, wide neckline, jumper top (reminiscent of flashdance) and rock my tattoos, which have never seen the light of day at work for the most part. it was an interesting day. i just smiled a lot and figured at this point i have enough teacher cred to get away with it.


  9. I think I have a table cloth to match those napkins. Would you want it?

  10. I love those napkins. the thrift shops here never have anything nice like that. and well, medications but you dealt with it.

  11. I don't understand. How many napkins can one person use? Your napkinlust mystifies me. Still, it's a harmless habit :)

    I love that you get to go home again, to such a beautiful place. So glad you're having a holiday.

  12. Oh Mary, what a perfect story...soft damask reflection of Flo in the turquoise water...beautiful sunset over Roseland...the love that flows between you and your sweetheart. Exquisite.


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