Tuesday, July 10, 2018

How Tuesday Has Gone

I got back on my walking path today and it actually felt really, really good. I felt strong and did not once feel as if I was dying even though it was as hot and humid as ever. Maybe the extended break I've taken along with all of the high-density fried foods I ate the last few days just provided the fuel I needed!

I took that picture when I was hanging out the clothes. Dragonflies love to perch on the clothesline and the clothespins, too. Aren't they the most magical creatures? And they don't bite or sting which makes me love them even more. 

Lily brought her kids over here this afternoon for me to watch. They needed a change of scenery for sure. The boys had been so devilish that she'd made them stay outside for half an hour to play and they, thinking they would show her, refused to do anything but sit. Of course Lily didn't care what they did as long as they weren't hurting themselves or each other or driving her crazy. But because of their attitude, she told them they had to stay outside another half hour. By the time they got here the story was that they'd been forced to withstand the intolerable heat for two hours and boy, were they glad to get in the air conditioning! 
This is what they immediately did. 

Well, maybe not immediately because Maggie had already gotten out a few toys to play with but it wasn't long. There were snacks, of course. Apples, peanut butter, Mer's homemade bread. Maggie wanted to do the alphabet puzzle again and so we did but Gibson helped. Those boys are so sweet with their sister. Always. They never lose patience with her. And honestly, she's so good when she's here. And she lets me kiss her and kisses me back which is good because honestly, I just can't help myself. 

She's so freaking cute. She loves to brush her teeth here. Don't ask me why. 
She went and got my old Zippy and put him to bed in my bed and then crawled up beside him and wanted me to help her get the covers "over my arms." So I did. And she smiled like an angel and closed her eyes and pretended to sleep. When she woke up she patted the bed beside her and said, "You lay here," and of course I laid down beside her and helped her cover up again and we pretended to sleep some more. 
This never gets old, does it? 

Gibson wanted to do something he hasn't done in forever which was to play beach with a bowl of water and the little plastic mermaids and monkeys that are supposed to hang onto the sides of fancy cocktail glasses. I really need to order some more from somewhere. I'm down to about three of each. 

He wanted ice in the water because mermaids like cold water. And as soon as I got it all set up, the boy started doing what he does best which is to make up situations and narrate fanciful pretendings involving whatever it is he's playing with. I've seen him do it with salt and pepper shakers at a restaurant. And that boy is so sweet, too. He wanted me to read him one of his favorite books which is "In Search For The Zipperumpazoo" which we both love so much. And he's a cuddler if there ever was one. 

And Owen? He wanted me to make a treasure hunt for him. I had to hide a shell and then make up clues which he could follow from one place to another until he found it. Which I did. And which he did. 

So it was a good afternoon. When Jason got here I had just gotten Magnolia's clothes back on her. She had taken them all off earlier and when I told her she needed to put them on because she couldn't go home naked she asked, "Why?"
I thought about it. 
"Oh honey. I don't know." 

She accepted that and got dressed and she was so glad to see her daddy. 
"You been at work?" she asked him. 
"Yes. I've been at work." 
And then off they all went and I tidied up. 

You never know what you'll find when they leave. 

My babies. 

I guess I better go make some supper. That car isn't going to saute itself. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. this is about the best day ever, preferable to adventure and honky tonk. Maggie is a dream child, wish there was a pill to freeze her in time. Car in the pan, hilarious, takes me right back...my boy will not be having any children , the other grand children are grown up- no babies except for your house, I am grateful that you write about them . It's like living next door. LOVE

  2. What a wonderful day! I have six grands, all older (one has even given us a GREAT grand!), but when they were little one would turn the little tchotchkes on the table backwards. One would rearrange the alphabet magnets on the fridge to spell out his name, and one would hide Beanie Babies under our pillows, in the dishwasher, and in various other places. When I asked her about it when she was a teenager, she said she didn't want me to forget about her even though she was gone. Now that she's a mother herself, I'm sure she knows that can't happen.

  3. All I know is I thanked my lucky stars for my mom and dad so many times when my kids were small. They would come and pick up the little darlings when I just needed a break. And when they were driving me especially batty my dad would call them and talk really, really, really slow and very very quietl about how they were supposed to listen to their mother. The conversation would go on for at least 30 minutes with them just saying yes and no. It was far worse than anything I could say or do. They had way to much love and respect to argue with him.
    What is it about kids taking their clothes off at grandparents? And baths? I know I did both when I was small and so did my kids. 💕

  4. I love to hear about those kids. And what a great idea, playing beach with the toys. We are not near the sea here but the twins had a paddling pool and made several pools for their toys out of plastic bowls.

  5. The truck in the frying pan is too funny. Those babies are something, growing and changing so fast. Thank goodness they have you and you have them, and Lily and Jason get a break now and then. It's a win win win.

    I love dragonflies too, they are a wonder. Glad your walk went well. I managed 7 miles of trails this weekend and was so happy my joints let me do it and our old dog could keep up. It's amazing what a good walk can do to ease our minds. xo

  6. I hate to disillusion you about dragonflies but they do bite. I picked one up off the ground that was dying I guess, couldn't really fly, just flop around. had it perched on my finger and it BIT me. but I do love them. we have tons here. Lily's kids are a wonder.

  7. You have made me start to daydream about grandchildren, what games I’ll play with them and how I’ll be there for them and their parent when they need a break from each other, with a secret smile remembering when I was the one who needed the break lol. Owen’s in that tween phase isn’t he. We used to call it wise and otherwise. How beautiful and loving they all are.

  8. It sounds delightful -- and exhausting. I was especially struck by Lily's "punishment." I immediately went back in time to my own boys that young -- the endlessness of it. I have to say that despite being 17 and nearly 20, they can be as irritating as they were when they were small -- I've actually threatened to kick them out of the house if they "keep it up" (the fighting and bickering).

  9. The truck in the frying pan did me in. So so cute! The kids are precious. I like Owens look and R’s wise and otherwise descriptor.

  10. Aw, your last line made me laugh :)

    I can't believe Owen and Gibson were being badly behaved enough to be banished from the house! Those angels? Surely not! ;)

  11. Those kids are always going to have some amazing memories of staying with you at your house. I think Gibson might grow up to be an author!


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