Monday, July 9, 2018

A Love Story

Oh my goodness! I have not blogged in two days! I know, I KNOW, it's unbelievable.
But you know what?
I just felt like time away with Mr. Moon and Lon and Lis is so precious and so special that I didn't want to spare any energy for it and I think it was good for all of us.
But we're home now and they've gone back to Gatorbone to live their busy, busy lives and I've unpacked everything and started laundry and have supper going and I'm glad to be home but I sure am grateful for the weekend we had.

Friday night was just a joy. I wore ALL of my silver bracelets (well, almost) and a dress and some make-up and a bra-like garment and when we got to the Blue Tavern where Lon and Lis were playing, the place was sincerely packed. You have no idea how much people love them. They love them and they love their music and it doesn't matter how long it is between their gigs in Tallahassee, they are going to get a really, really fine audience.
So listening was just heaven and somehow, some way, they get better with every year of their lives. Lis's voice seems to have gotten only stronger and more angel-like, Lon's surer than ever and their harmonies make everyone in the room close their eyes so they can listen with more of themselves. I swear- there are probably long moments when no one in the room is taking a breath. And this is not even to mention their guitar and banjo and bass playing which is phenomenal.
So yeah, you can't beat that and I got to see some dear people I hadn't seen in awhile and Jessie popped by to see her Fairy Godparents and a few people asked me where I'd been and I said, "In Lloyd."
But there were lots of good hugs and it was fine to see folks and to sit next to my husband with his arm around me or my hand in his. It was sweetness.
When we got home after the gig, I made us all bacon and tomato sandwiches which we ate with great gusto and we didn't go to bed until AFTER TWO IN THE MORNING! and I thought I'd probably die but I did not.

I just like this picture with the dark, storm-coming sky behind the old theater.

Apalachicola was bustling and looks to be thriving. We drove down in two cars- the guys in one and Lis and I in the other. Lis and I were on a mission. We had to get to River Lily before it closed because it isn't open on Sundays and by god, we were not going to miss shopping at River Lily. And we did not. Also, we had a LOT to catch up on. 

River Lily is absolutely the prettiest store and I sort of want everydamnthing in it. Just give me all the perfumes and fancy European-sounding skin care stuff, all the cards, all the glassware and clothing and fun and beautiful house stuff, all the hats and definitely all of the jewelry. Earrings were purchased.
We did a little more shopping but nothing too serious. We did not lose our minds nor our savings. Lis and I have been married for a combined total of seventy-three years and we still fret that our husbands are going to KILL US which is so silly but we've been saying this for about twenty-five years now and so far we haven't been murdered yet, no matter what we've bought.
And that evening we met down at the bar at the Gibson Inn for martinis at seven o'clock which is the hour which Lon and Lis got married thirty-nine years ago. We toasted and clinked and loved every minute of sitting at that beautiful old bar with the nicest bartenders ever and then we traveled a few blocks away for our celebratory supper at the Owl restaurant where I ate approximately seven times too much, mostly their blue-crab dip with fried tortillas.
Yeah. I know. And as god is my witness, I am never ordering that again.

After supper we tried to do a little bar-hopping but I'm just too old for super loud music or for drunken revelry either, unless I'm the drunken reveler. We went to one place where the music was so loud that I had to ball up tiny bits of cocktail napkins to plug my ears with. This is a thing I've been doing since I was young and it's probably why I have any hearing ability left at all. We left pretty quick. We were all just too damn full for any more cocktails and that was the truth.

Yesterday we got up and went to breakfast across the bridge at El Jalisco, Mexican food, American breakfast, and then Lis and I went to our favorite bookstore where I always, always buy books and/or yarn because- a small, private book and yarn store in Apalachicola? Yes, please.
Here's one of the bookstore cats.

She was so sweet.

I asked her if she wanted to be petted and she said that would be fine and so I gave her a nice little pet and scratch and then later, she came and found me and asked for a bit more. After living with Maurice for all of these years, I'd forgotten that cats can actually seek out human affection.

That afternoon we had a rousing game of gin rummy on the porch at the Gibson, a long-time Williamson/Moon tradition. We drank beer and got so goofy and sang Beatle's songs and had the very best time.

This is one of the views from the porch at the Gibson. That's the very impressive Franklin County courthouse over there. 

Then there were more martinis and we went to a different restaurant where we again ate way too much, this time mostly of fried seafood and well, hell. We were celebrating, on vacation, and smack dab beside the Apalachicola river which leads to the Gulf of Mexico where the shrimp boats go to bring in their catch, where the crabbers set up their traps. 
And where they make really good sweet potato fries. And, oh yes- cole slaw. 
If you must know the truth. 

And so it went. This morning after yet another delicious breakfast we all packed up and relinquished the keys to our rooms. 
Sadly. As always. 

We met back here in Lloyd where Lon and LIs had left their instruments and Lis gave me a beautiful early birthday present of a Lucy Isaacs necklace and earrings of tiny silver hearts with beads. 
Oh. She knows me so well. 

It is such a beautiful thing to have people whom you can completely be yourself around and who love you despite all of your faults and your crazinesses and your foibles. And to love them back with all of your heart and to see them as nothing but perfectly perfect in every way. 
With whom you feel equally comfortable laughing with or crying with. 
With whom you can trust with your very heart and soul. 

So. That's how my weekend went. And tomorrow I will babysit for Lily's children and get this- Owen got to swim right next to a manatee at Wakulla Springs today! And on Thursday I am going to babysit for Jessie's boys and Levon is eight months old today! 

I went away, I came back. My chickens are all still alive. Maurice actually seemed very happy to see me or at least, she let me pet her without trying to remove my hand from my wrist with her teeth and claws. And I got to spend time with my husband and the best people in the world in a beautiful old Florida hotel whose hallways and rooms and floors whisper stories beyond imagining in the creak of the wood they are made of and we had absolutely no chores to do, no responsibilities and no need to get up any earlier than we wanted to. 

As Lis says, "We are the luckiest girls in the world."
And as I say, "I know it. We really are."

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Levon, such an advances child, only eight months old and already he know more than most, standing up and all! What an amazing week end, You have stamina !
    Imagine swimming with a A Manatee , as close to god as one will ever get, I reckon.

    1. Ain't that the truth? Swimming with a manatee? Owen called me today to tell me about it. I was gobsmacked. He was thrilled. My little boy.
      And Levon learned how to do Peek-A-Boo today. He is obviously well advanced for his age.

  2. Well l felt uneasy not to hear from ya. But there is enough wild child left in me to think 'oooh's awot on t thrash with oooh's pals it's reyt' as they say ooop north in't UK tha knoowas. That is a real English dialect Ask if you need translation. Anyway am delighted to hear of your glorious time. I remember....And l remember those sort of friends. Love ya Maggi xxx

    1. I think I get the gist, as we say around here, dear Maggie. And I know how lucky I am, how lucky we all are to have each other. We are in it for the good long haul.

    2. Translates well Gist def got I feel Real friends even better than not wearing a bra/bra like garment. Taking third chance with BS. Love to you and yours Maggi x

  3. To write the above Blogstapo really put me in my place AND l wrote this before and was in big trouble with them! Trying again. You may need to send help from your side of pond! Bruce Springsteen first choice Maggi x

    1. I think I'm getting everything, Maggi. Thank you! Much love to you, sweetie, across that big, big pond.

  4. Welcome back, Miss Moon. I missed you and actually worried a bit because I didn't realize you'd be away. But now I feel like I've been on vacation from reading your wonderful words. Happy for you! Becky

    1. No. I'm good. All is well. We just ate soup and bread that I made and every chicken is in bed and accounted for. I'm sorry you worried. I really am.

  5. A mighty fine weekend! You know, usually if you don't blog I get worried. Not this time - I knew you were way too busy living!

  6. missed you but knew in my heart you were enjoying precious time with Lon and Lis. So happy you had time of your life........and so glad you are back . ;-)
    Susan M

    1. I just went back into your archives to pull up Lon and Lis's Cuba speaks to me and I just had to hear it again.

  7. A beautiful recounting of friendship that goes way back. Do Lis and Lon have cds? I love that you didn’t have to lift a finger. You shopped at your store, heard lovely music, your Owen phoned to tell you of his awesome experience and you have more love to look forward to! I’m so happy for you!

  8. I was starting to worry about you until you left a comment on my blog earlier! I knew you were probably just enjoying time with your friends, but still....

    It's good to have you back!

  9. What a perfect accounting of a beautiful weekend ~ I love all four of you!!!

  10. What a sweet, good time! So glad you got to untangle yourself from the shenanigans and nastiness of the world to just relax with those you love best. Best de-stressor in the world! We have reservations on St George in September, praying to all the gods and goddesses for all hurricanes to leave that sweet island ALONE! Pretty please. I need the break SO desperately.
    Owen swimming with a manatee is the coolest thing ever! Enjoy all those grandbabies, as I know you will.

    1. Oops, that was me, Angie's late and I'm a wee bit high...

  11. glad to hear a good time was had by all!


  12. Replies
    1. I love this comment, Ellen ~ Mary writes so eloquently about her flows out of every post, even on tough days!

  13. Well, every moment of the weekend sounds divine. Would love to hear their music someday. And I confess, it gave me pause when I didn't see your blog updated on my feed. XXOO

  14. Somehow when I saw no posts from you, I knew you were out there living and loving with abandon with your handsome man and Lon and Lis and the thought made me smile and smile. This is indeed a love story.

  15. I'm smiling broadly after reading this...Good for you!

  16. I was seriously considering e-mailing you to make sure you were OK. I don't think I've ever seen so much time pass without a post! But I figured you were probably just busy and enjoying life, and boy was I right. Sounds like a terrific time with good friends, and it makes me want to visit Apalachicola even more.


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