Friday, July 20, 2018

Don't Make Me Stop This Car

That's the picture Mr. Moon sent me this morning when he was going offshore to fish. Isn't it beautiful? I love having a husband whose favorite things to do involve him going out onto the ocean or a river or into the woods. There's something about knowing that he cherishes being outside and in the beauty of all of that which makes me love him even more. He is my Viking, my Daniel Boone. And sometimes, he's my Chip Gaines, too because he can fix almost anything and he sure can build things. From chicken coops to beautiful tiled bathrooms to the support system for a whole family- he is not afraid. 
And he leaves me love notes almost every morning. 
Yeah. I'm so damn lucky it's crazy. 

The headset saga continued today and I'm almost embarrassed to admit what happened but what the hell? Maybe someone will get a laugh out of it. 

I picked up Lily and her kids this morning and we went to Target where I was going to check out their headset situation. Lily wanted to stay in the car with the kids because they can get pretty rowdy in Target. So in I went, straight to the section where they sell stuff like that and I had to wait on the only guy around to help me as he was helping some other people decide on a tablet and he had the keys to get the headsets unscrewed from the wall and when he finally got to me, I told him the Reader's Digest Condensed version of my search for decent wireless headphones and he listened and he suggested I get a pair of extremely reasonable Sony's which were on sale and he said, "I'd bet money you'll be happy with these. I had a pair myself."
So. Okay. Bought them. 

Then I went to lunch with Lily and Owen and Gibson and Maggie where we met up with a friend of ours who has moved to Maryland but who was in town for a short visit and it was so wonderful. The boys love Mark and I do too. He's a family member in all of our eyes and he calls me "Mama" so you know I love him to pieces. He talks Legos with the boys and they eat up every word. He's sort of a Lego fanatic. 

In the boys' eyes, he is the Lego Master Supreme of the Universe. And they love him. Not only does he know everything about Legos but he listens to them. Actually pays attention and listens. They love him so much they posed with him. 
About twenty minutes after we'd said our good-byes to him, Owen said, "Is it weird that I already miss Mark?" 
"Nope," I said. "It isn't." 

But wait! I was talking about my headphones. So no, I did not open them in the parking lot of Target but I did open them in the restaurant and guess what?????
So yeah, dumb mistake on my part but honestly, they were in the wireless headphone display place and the Target dude knew without doubt that I was talking about wireless. So. Sort of his fault too. 

Therefore, after lunch, we went back to Target and dang if I didn't just get the same brand as the original pair I had which I loved until they fell apart. 
Those I did test even before I left the store. They appear to be fabulous. 
Or at least, functioning properly.
And I returned the JBL's to Best Buy and the Beats to Costco and please dear god, let this be the end of it all for a least a few months. 

God this is all so boring. I'm sorry. 

I'm having some anxiety today, the kind I haven't had in quite awhile but really, I'm okay, and I did have fun with my grands and my daughter although I had to give the kids the I really don't have much patience today speech again. They were just being kids and sometimes, even when they're really happy and making really loud happy noises in the back seat it can still make you crazy. But oh my goodness, my boys give me the best hugs, the sort of hugs that make you know you are loved to pieces. And Maggie. 
That girl. 

"What's that on her forehead?" I asked Lily when they got in the car.
"Permanent marker," she said. 
"Well, I guess we'll see how permanent it is," I told her. 
She can say all of her ABC's now. All of them. She's a little whiz and a wonder. 

And so it's Friday. That means clean sheets and a martini. I've got the bed all made up fresh but the martini hasn't happened yet. Mr. Moon just got in and he's not quite ready for it. 
He better get ready pretty fast is what I say. 

The butterfly lilies are starting to bloom. 

So are the crinum lilies which have never done much at all in their bed by the kitchen. I suppose this year's rain has been kind to them. Also, I throw a lot of kitchen scraps in that bed which means the chickens get in there and scratch around and clear out the weeds and leave their poop which is also a good thing for all of the plants. Whatever scraps they don't eat break down and that adds to the whole organic mess of the soil and I have beautiful worms out there. I swear. I do not know what I'd do if I had to live in an apartment somewhere and wasn't able to just throw my peelings and pits and other bits out the kitchen door. My coffee grounds go out there too. It's a beautiful thing.

There's so much going on in TrumpLandia today that I can't even keep up with it. 
Let's not talk about it, okay? 
As I said, I'm anxious enough.

All right. I'm sending you moonbeams and rainbows or at least rainbows and lilies. 

The fishermen caught their limit. More snapper in the freezer for me! 
And Mr. Moon has made me a martini.

Happy Friday, y'all. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Your flowers are gorgeous and I'm glad you finally got the headphones you wanted. Enjoy your martini.

  2. because I'm a stickler, that's white butterfly ginger, not lilies. and my pink crinum lilies bloomed late April and my red ones bloomed in June.

    we are so far down the rabbit hole if we don't take back congress in November, we are fucking doomed. might be anyway.

    1. But aren't gingers lilies? I always thought so.
      I'm confused. We always call them butterfly ginger lilies.

    2. well, I'll be damned. I had never heard ginger referred to as a lily so I googled it and you are right!

  3. This pics - all of them - glorious. The visit with Mark seems so fun. I love that Owen missed him immediately! And your headphones, I’m glad, finally! Enjoy!

    1. Mark is just such a dear and special guy. I loved that Owen missed him right away too.
      My headphones are making me happy!

  4. Gibson’s boots made me smile. There is something about little boys and boots. My son wore them every day for a few years.

    I love my composted soil. We put everything out in it too. It’s crazy how much can be composted! The worms in our yard are huge and numerous. You can dig one spade of dirt and there will be half a dozen. They make me so happy. If I ever see one on the sidewalk I make sure I rescue it and put it somewhere safe.

    Clean sheet day! Thank god for small things like clean sheet day. I don’t think I have ever had a martini. Nope. I think not.

    1. I've known both boys and girls who wouldn't give up their boots. It's pretty precious.
      I even through meat scraps out with the rest. I figure that in the night some raccoon or possum will come and eat it and actually, chickens love meat. So, yeah, it's all fair game for my uncomposted compost. I'm so lazy!
      Glen and I both slept like the dead last night on those clean sheets.
      You should try one martini in your life. I recommend a vodka one.

  5. I have no idea what's happening in Trumplandia, but I love learning what's happened in Lloyd. You are on a roll, woman, with these hysterical posts.

    1. My life can be pretty funny if I think about it. I love to make people laugh. There ain't nearly enough of it here lately.

  6. Rainbows and lillies and inappropriate bootage. I love it.

    If I were blogging I'd be bitching about how much it's costing to run a car and the hassle of gettting it maintained and fixed and how anxious that makes me, and procrastination and business and the anxiety of fighting off the ever present guilt and end of the world thinking.

    Which is kind of why I'm not blogging, but also why I understand completely when I read about a mundane headphone saga.

    1. Ah, Jo. Yes. All of those things here too. I mean seriously- almost everything you listed is on my daily stuff list. Especially the anxiety of fighting off the ever present guilt and end of the world thinking.

  7. I was going to say just get the same headphones and when they fall apart again, get them again because hey, they work while they work and you love them while they work and you probably spent more on gas and energy than it would cost to just keeping buying the ones you love. That's my two cents anyway. Still, the headphones saga did afford you some very funny posts. Don't you hate when dear friends move away? And could your granddaughter be ANY cuter? No, i don't think she could. Glad that red mark is marker and not blood, because with scrappy little girls anything is possible.

    1. I think you're on to something with the just-use-them-'til-they-fall-apart thinking. The problem is, I sweat so damn much that even water-proof and sweat-proof things can't last forever. And yes, my ears sweat. It's a problem.
      And yes, it sucks when friends move away. I'm just so glad we got to see him while he was here. I was so glad he made the effort to come and join us.
      Maggie also used the marker on the floor of her house but you're right- she almost always has some sort of bruise or scrape or scratch because she just goes for life without considering the outcome. August is just about the opposite. He thinks out the consequences carefully but still-sometimes he misjudges a situation as we all do.

  8. And your husband leaves you love notes almost every morning...that is crazy wonderful! You're a lucky woman. And I'm loving Gibson's boots! Headphones might have been a hassle, but it's a better thing to concentrate on than the goon in the white house! Glad you're all set for awhile! I've been interested in the headphone saga cuz I have barking dogs next door...I need to stick words or music in my ears in order to stay sane!

    1. I KNOW!!!
      Mr. Moon is precious. He is really is.
      Some headphones are constructed for noise reduction. You should check that out. Barking dogs- that is something you just can't get used to.

  9. rainbow in a spark of a sky ! That made my day- and the children , of course. Sound going directly into my ears seems to annoy me, My hearing is acute even after all of the rock and roll and ear infections in my youth. Sound actually hurts- except for certain guitarists and cellists and Pavarotti.
    You say you are lucky but I think luck comes to those who do the work/notwork. You are charmed and charming, a beautiful life.

    1. Me hearing is not what it used to be but it's not terrible, either. I'm grateful for that. Too much rock and roll has definitely had its way with me but it could be worse.
      I look at my husband as someone who completely illustrates what you're saying about luck- he has worked damn hard to be lucky. It hasn't just fallen in his lap. Although he does always seem to get really good parking spaces.
      But yeah, I try so hard to be a good wife. That may sound so outdated but I don't think so. We have been through things that have taught us that the happier our spouse is, the happier we are. It really can be that simple.

  10. Those lilies are looking amazing! Are the pink ones the crinums? I don't think we can grow those but I should look into it. As for the wireless headphones, why do things like that have to be so HARD? Why can't we just walk into a store or order some up from Amazon and have them work the way they should and do what they're supposed to do? Really. It's ridiculous. I haven't even tried yet to buy another pair.


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