Thursday, October 12, 2017

Well, Lloyd officially has a liquor store now. It's in the same strip building as the "food mart" and the Subway and you can get gas out front. Those and the auto repair shop are the entire sum of commerce in Lloyd although there are approximately 497 churches in a five mile radius of my house.

We are not exactly thriving here, are we?

I knocked over a glass of water this morning and some of it got in my MacBook which has upset me a great deal as you can imagine. I honestly don't think my computer is fried because I shut it off after I drenched the side ports and that all went just as it's supposed to. I leaned it up on its side, open in a V all day and now I have it just sitting open. I'm going to give it twenty-four hours before I try to restart it and I've got my fingers crossed. So obviously, I am writing this on my phone. 

Here's a picture I took on my walk. 

Now isn't that just pretty? 
I think so. 

This is what I've been doing most of the day. 

Sewing and pinning and cutting and sewing. 
I'm getting there with my fifth grandchild's quilt. 
Still a ways to go, though. 
I love the smiley, friendly llamas. And it will be soft. 

And that's about it. Mr. Moon is not back yet from Apalachicola where he went today to work on the lot but he should be here soon, most likely by the time Jeopardy comes on and definitely hot, filthy, exhausted, and happy as a man can be. 

I think that tomorrow is going to be lunch-in-town day with Lily and Jessie and Hank and Rachel and all of the kids because it's a Teacher Planning day. I am probably inappropriately excited about this as it's been too long since we got together for one of our rowdy, chaotic lunches. My hug-and-kiss supply should be topped up nicely. 

Dang but I love my family.
And I know exactly how lucky I am.
Thanks for dropping by. 

Love From Lloyd Where You Can Now More Easily Drink AND Pray...Ms. Moon. 


  1. I wonder how the churches feel about the liquor store? SINNERS!!!

    (And amen to that.)

    Love the flower photo, and I'm glad the smiley-llama creation is coming along nicely. :)

  2. I once heard that immersing electronics in rice after a soaking dries them out nicely. It definitely worked for cell phones, but who has enough rice on hand to immerse a macbook. good luck with it. i suspect it will be fine. these machines are lifelines aren't they? and have a wonderful time with your beautiful family. take lots of pictures!


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