Thursday, October 26, 2017

Short Words

The red passion flower is still blooming and although the vines are definitely not covered with flowers, I've had more this year than in all the years before. It will probably bloom until our first freeze. If we have one. I have to tell you that I've actually complained a teeny-tiny bit about it being so chilly in the past few days.
I know. I KNOW!
I am an ungrateful wretch and a wimp to boot but y'all- it's 56 degrees in my hallway right now! For us Floridians, that's like where's-the-igloo? weather. And it's supposed to get down to 39 degrees Sunday night so you can just mark it on your calendar that I'll be whining like a little bitch when that happens. I've already gotten out the duck (which for those of you who do not know, is my down comforter) and used it for the past few nights. Of course I still keep my window open and have two fans blowing on me. I love being cozy under the duck and the cooler air and the fans enhance that experience.
I've also had to wear slippers and I hate that but at least I do have slippers and I should not complain although that's never stopped me.

I've been thinking a whole lot about the whole Harvey Weinstein thing and I have a lot to say about it and the fall-out and what so much of that says about us, about our culture, about the relationship between power and abuse and how it just might possibly change the whole world if suddenly women realized the power that we ourselves have based on speaking the truth of what has been done to us and exactly who did it and exactly who enabled it.

But that's just all too much for me tonight.

That's a picture of Still Creek, a tiny little rivulet that I walked by this morning. It soothed my soul which has been roiling for days.
And years.
And a lifetime.

Let us gather again tomorrow and talk about things.


Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I still have my window open every night because one must have fresh air. I actually keep it wide open all day with the bedroom door shut and then close it so it’s only open a few centimetres.
    We don’t have a thing blooming here but the trees sure are pretty.

  2. 41 here. will probably have to turn on the heater. and wear long pants! and shiver.

  3. can't even start on Harvey Weinstein.........but please relish the cool! I am so envious. We have been hot, hot, hot here in Calif........and no cooling yet and its nearing end of October. Really? 90 plus degrees EVERY day? We stacked a cord of firewood this past weekend and it almost killed me........with each piece I kept thinking *why on earth am I stacking winters heat when we will NEVER be able to have a fire in the woodstove*? Opposite ends of the states........ I yearn for my down comforter, which at this point, may never come out of its protective cover. Yin and Yang
    Susan M

  4. If it gets to 59 inside my home the heat is on. And I'm a hardy Scandinavian in MN. Brr. P.S. first snow is forecast here tonight - just a dusting though.

  5. Living in the Desert we too get spoiled with warmer weather and when it gets chilly {by our Desert standards} we're total wimps! Of coarse only here do they say it's "Cooled Off" to 100 degrees at the beginning of Fall! *LOL* At least we don't have to shovel Sunshine and for that I'm grateful, lived in plenty of very Cold climates when we were Nomadic and I prefer the warmth and temperate year round conditions. Your Passion Vines are gorgeous, Passion Flowers look so surreal!

  6. So i often read your posts on my phone and for some reason the phone is no longer allowing me to comment on your blog, so i have to wait till i get on the laptop to do it. I typed out a whole long comment last night and then it disappeared into the ether, and now I can't recall all I said, but here I am. I just want you to know I'm here. I'm always here, with armfuls of love.

    1. That happens to me too, Angella. I almost want to cry when it happens!

  7. I hate slippers too. It's so funny how they're seen as these amazingly comfortable things. They make my feet hot. I'd much rather just put on a pair of socks.

    I'll be interested in what you think about Weinstein. I've been talking a lot with my coworkers about it.


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