Friday, October 20, 2017

That Which Feeds Us, That Which Sustains

I got this picture this morning from Lily. She and Jessie were taking the young'uns to a Halloween Baby Hike or something like that and there's Maggie, looking not real happy about the whole deal. But she sure is cute. That hair. Oh my god. 

Here's August. 

He was a carpenter, a costume which utilized some of his many, many tools. I believe he could fix most anything, don't you? 

I took my walk and I hung my sheets and got a shower and went back to town and had lunch with Hank and Rachel and Lily and Lauren and Maggie. 

We went to El Patron again and yes, the food is good but the price for the lunch special AND the way they treat us is why we keep going back. The lunch special is $5.87 and for that amount of money you can get enough food to save some for later.
Or to share with your baby.
And they just keep bringing us chips and dishes of salsa and you can eat inside if it's hot or outside on the covered patio if it's cool and breezy enough and all of that makes it hard for us to go anywhere else.
It's always a fiesta!

So, speaking of food, let's talk about food.

I have a wide variety of things to choose from for my supper tonight. I have leftover pork chops with sauerkraut and potatoes. I ate that and a salad last night but it was good enough that l really wouldn't mind eating it again tonight.
There are FOUR, count 'em, FOUR frozen pot pies in the freezer that Mr. Moon brought home when I had the stomach illness and I love him so much for doing that but we haven't eaten any of them yet. I have chicken in the freezer I could thaw out and cook. I have a little leftover piece of grouper from our supper at the restaurant the other night. AND I have that smoked salmon.

But you know what I think I might actually eat?

Some vegan Tom Kha Gai with ramen.

Well, you see...when Mr. Moon is out of town I often like to cook and eat things that he would eat, if he were here, but which he'd probably rather not. The recipe I'm thinking about using is from the Darling Lenore's mother's website, Rabbit and Wolves.  (And please click on the link, if only to look at the pictures for a second.)
Lauren (a different Lauren than the one we went out to lunch with), has not only given birth to that beautiful little girl, but has also created a very fine website with her own recipes for food which she calls, "Simple but exceptional vegan comfort food."
I have had her cooking many times at family gatherings and it's always wonderful. Her vegan baking is astounding and she made May's wedding cake which was a work of art and absolutely delicious.
So. I have tofu being pressed right now and I'm about to get in the kitchen and be a little creative and industrious, all for my own self. It's sort of a sin to make something completely new when I have all of this food already made in the refrigerator but I doubt any of it will go to waste. And I won't make a huge amount of soup.
Said the woman who in a former life was the cook at a lumber jack camp. 
Well, I'll try.

Goodness but it's quiet in Lloyd. I know that the church is meeting next door but I do not hear the usual music or accompanying drums or preaching either. Maybe they are praying.
Oh! I hear the drums! Friday night service has commenced.

Love you all...Ms. Moon

P.S. I just realized there is no tofu in Lauren's recipe but I guess there will be tofu in my soup tonight.
I shall report in on how that goes.


  1. I'm pretty sure August is just dressed as his Papa.

    1. Heh-heh. Yeah.
      But he looks so much like his mama.
      It's a beautiful thing.

  2. You will be making soup soon, I think. You make soup for mamas after they have babies. I am curious what the recipe is.

    1. After August was born I made a quick, fast chicken soup for Vergil and Jessie but my "traditional" meal that I make for mamas is a salad with beef and mushrooms and this wonderful horrible-for-you dressing along with a loaf of beautiful challah, and a prune cake! I should definitely post those recipes sometime.

    2. Salads are salads. The dressing is the reason we eat them and don’t let anyone tell to otherwise. :-)

    3. Well, exactly! So, after reading about the mayonnaise dinners in that book, don't you sort of desperately want to have one? I do.

  3. one of the twins is now vegan. I'll have to pass this blog on to her.

  4. That August. GORGEOUS. And Maggie, love and snuggles personified.
    Thanks for the beautiful link!!!

    1. Maggie hugged and hugged me at the restaurant. I mean, she laid the love on me big time! She is such a squishy bundle of hugging.
      And August is gorgeous but hey- you know- I'm his grandmother so of course I think that.

  5. Ha! I love that you're improvising with the ingredients to personalize the recipe. And since some of those leftovers are in the freezer, they'll be fine if you don't eat them right away! Good for you for trying something new. I wonder why Maggie was so unamused with the Halloween getup?

    1. Well, you use what you have, right?
      Who knows why Maggie wasn't happy at that second? She probably was the next. That is the way she is.

  6. Replies
    1. She does not leave you in doubt as to her feelings.

  7. Soon you'll have another baby to feed chips and salsa to! It can't be long now. I'm excited for the arrival of King Richard.

    1. Me too! I still can't quite believe it. Another newborn! Be still my heart. I adore newborns with their perfect innocence and softness, their just-arrived wonder at everything. And their teeny-tiny everythings.
      I just do.


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