Monday, October 2, 2017

And What Can Be Done?

There is something about a human which wants to be able to name a thing.
Which wants to be able to know the source of a thing.
Which wants to know who to give credit to or who to blame.
This serves us well sometimes. How does this disease begin? How does it spread? What is its name and what is its cure?
Also, we want to give thanks for gifts that are given, to be able to express the love recognized, the sweetness received. Even in my case, the knowledge of which hen lays the blue egg and which the green one has meaning for me and I am not sure why.

Who is the artist who created this work?
Who is the hunter who brought us this meat?
Who is baker who made us this bread?

Even and unto- who is the creator who made us this world?

Sometimes the answers are easy to find. Sometimes they are more difficult.
Sometimes, we do not and will not ever have the answers, and stories are created and dreamed to explain that which we, at this point in time, cannot explain.
Not really.
But oh, how it is our nature to keep trying and that is exactly as it should be and today we are there again with what happened in Las Vegas.

Stories are being woven about how and why and who exactly is to blame even though at this point, the facts are tenuous beyond the absolutely known which are few. And of course, it is absolutely true that without an arsenal of automatic weapons, that slaughter could not have happened the exact way it did. And it is absolutely true that only a madman would use them to such a result. And it is absolutely true that our country has gone mad in allowing such weapons to be bought and sold.

Here is a story that is being told which is not absolutely true:
Our prayers and thoughts for the victims and their families will help.
With anything.
Here is another:
It is enough to legislate that weapons such as the ones allegedly used to kill all of those people from such a great distance cannot be sold to those with mental illness.
Mental illness is not always observable. It is not eye-color or skin-color or odd behavior or worn like a trench coat, a uniform, a disguise.

Here's what I'm saying.
Some things we cannot know. Some things we can.
Let us, for once, concentrate on those which we can know and let us use those things to try to do something about this problem.

Or, you know- just keep praying to a god who obviously doesn't care at all what we humans do and accept it all as part of a divine plan, meanwhile, stacking up our weapons, growing ever more insane.

Lucy lays the green egg.
Owl lays the blue.

And that is pretty much all I know today.


  1. Thank you Mary so well said, as always.

    1. I just don't even know what to say, honestly. This is what I was feeling this morning.

  2. I have no words. Just a heavy heart.

    You know what makes me angry? When the media starts to talk about “healing”, I give it three days, 72 hours until the U.S. starts to heal. It’s a cruel thing to say to suggest. It’s a cruel thing to say to anyone. There is never healing. Never.

    1. You are right. We don't heal. We just keep on going. And nothing fucking changes.


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