Tuesday, October 17, 2017

A Day Of Respite

Today has been ten thousand times better than the past few days and perhaps that is because the temperatures have finally mellowed a bit and it has been fall-blue-sky-clear with lower humidity and I don't believe it got over 75 today. My roses are having a late-bloom and those red ones are especially gorgeous. They don't really look quite like that in real life but somehow the red and the light confuse the camera and no matter what I do, that is how they appear in their portrait.

I took a very long walk today, an hour or more, and that, too, may have had something to do with my more cheerful outlook. The fall blossoms, the butterflies, the dragonflies, the prints of critters in the soft sand and mud, that amazing sky, the green of the pines against it. Even the piece of land that was cleared last year holds treasures like the beauty berry. I know, I know! I keep posting pictures of that stuff but I love it.

The other day I saw a squirrel sitting on top of our fence with a stalk of the berries clutched in his little paws and he was chewing them almost frantically. I swear- I have never seen as many juvenile squirrels as I have seen this year. I have no idea why. Does more rainfall make more squirrels as well as flowers? 

Two days ago I went to town and went shopping and had lunch with Lily and Maggie and I haven't posted any pictures from that and now I must and will. 

My little tutu girl. Would you look at that beautiful little dimpled hand? 
She is so friendly. Everyone she encounters get's a big "Hey!" and if they do not respond in kind, she is truly mystified. She doesn't really like anything on her head but she liked that hat. Perhaps she felt as if she was in her own private room when she had it on. It certainly did not get in the way of her watching the ducky video on kids' Youtube. 

Tomorrow I think I will get to see Jessie and August and who knows? Maybe Lily and Maggie again too. And then Mr. Moon and I might possibly drive down to the coast in the late afternoon to get oysters and shrimp for him to take up to the hunting camp this weekend to share with the guys who have had him over to their houses for suppers. 
A fried mullet supper for the two of us may be involved in that journey. 

I spent a good hour this afternoon in my library, culling more books and cleaning shelves. It feels so good to do this! Yes, books are sacred but I don't need all of them. And trust me- I have a lot of the ones I really don't need.

And so there you have it- something beyond or at least removed from the subject of sexual abuse, harassment, and assault. It's been wonderful to have a day where I could enjoy, truly enjoy, the things in my life which are real and loving and beautiful and precious. I am always aware and grateful for these things but days in which I can truly enjoy them are rarer than I wish they were. 

It's supposed to get down to 54 degrees here tonight. 
Speaking of rare, beautiful, and precious...

Here's a lizard. 

Yeah. My kitchen porch needs painting. And okay, okay, I cropped out the chicken shit. 

So what, chicken butt? as we sometimes say. If we are five years old. Or sixty-three. 
It's always appropriate in my opinion. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I love Maggie’s hat. Yes, a room onto itself. What an adorable child.

  2. I moved my beauty berry in the middle of summer the year we sold the city house and it has not fared well. either it didn't like being moved or it doesn't like where I moved it to but I'm going to basically cut it back to the ground and see if it comes out full. this cool weather has been so nice. I'm going to work outside today. and yeah, I have the same trouble with reds and pictures.

    1. There are so many beauty berries everywhere here, growing wild. I bet yours will come back. It's a hardy plant.
      Isn't it so wonderful to have cooler days and nights?

  3. A walk is always beneficial, isn't it? I wonder if the squirrels had an especially abundant food supply this year or something. I can't imagine why else there would be more of them than usual. Love that Maggie in her little portable "room"!

    1. Yes, I'm thinking that since there was more food, there may have been more babies born and more who survived. But I really don't know.
      Maggie did not want me to take that hat off of her but I did. I had to put it back on the rack.

  4. We have lots of squirrels this year too. There are a whole bunch living in our yard. They never stop moving and I find their little hoards sometimes.
    Maggie’s hands are poems.

    1. Squirrels are so funny. Some people hate them but I think they're sort of adorable.
      What a beautiful thing to say about Maggie's hands!


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